Joint Issues At 17

I know everyone has/ gets joint issues eventually after lifting heavy and getting older but my case is a bit odd/extreme.
I’m 17 and have been training for a year and a half now.

I’ve always had bad wrists like lots of clicking and grinding as I did circles with them.
As a result of this I wear Wrist wraps religiously and don’t press anything over 40kg without them.

Around 6 months ago I bought SBD knee sleeves as my knees felt weird during squats and were hot afterwards and achy the next day. The sleeves completely fixed these issues and my squats feel great now.

Now this past week I’ve had to buy elbow sleeves (just some cheap covering ones) as my elbow have been cranky and feels like tendinitis on the outside, like tennis elbow. The pain was during pressing and pushing movements of all types.

Is this amount of Joint protective gear bad for how young I am?
Or should I be using it all to stop pain.

If you want details on my program, diet, or anything else related I’ll tell.

Just worried about the amount of stuff I use at my age as someone brought it up to me.

Could possibly indicate a underactive thyroid or possibly low testosterone.
Another possibility could be lyme disease.
You’re too young to have any arthritic conditions.
Best and most accurate thing to do is go see a dr. and get bloodwork done.

Alright thanks for responding, I will arrange a blood test for myself. Thanks