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Joint Health/Mobility


Hey guys, been a long time lurker on these forums and finally decided to get myself an account. I have been training for about 4 years, although I tend to be a very on/off kind of trainer but am doing my best to remain as consistent as possible. Anyway, I was wondering what your guys "routine" is for as far as joint mobility and health?

I'm still young (19yo) but I have had several injuries (bad shoulder sprain 2 years back, and back troubles) and find that this is a major concern regarding my training. I realize injuries come with the territory but they have definetly been my biggest problem. My shoulder has recovered fully and I rarely get any pain from it anymore but my back seems to give me troubles every now and then. I am 100% sure this is completely due to my tight hamstrings and poor hip flexion.

As of now my preworkout routine is hitting the treadmill for 10min or row machine if none leg day and then I do some dynamic stretches as well as static (kings lazy man guide) and then a few warmup sets of exercises being done. I do the same stretching routine again postworkout. I also perform some foam rolling 2-3times a week on off days. So far my flexiblity has been increasing and my deads and squats feel a lot better.

So i'm really just curious as to what you guys do? Anything you found really helps? Any articles on the site you think I should check up on? I was hoping to invest in one of the books (joint freedom etc) in the near future but money is super tight. FYI I take 10g's of fish oil and a gluco/chond supp. Also form is not my problem here (seriously). Anyway thanks for any input. RATM