Joint Conditioning for Shot Put

18 yrs old, thrower on the HS track team
I tweaked my shoulder throwing the shot put. For that matter, my elbow and wrist are not very happy either

Coach says the above is probably because I’m using my arm too much, which will improve with technique. As far as exercises to either strengthen or keep my joints happy, what can I do?

I am guessing your issues would be similar to issues from pressing (pushing your arms away from you). Doing some high rep curls and triceps can help with elbows. Stuff like 50 rep sets with bands. For shoulders, doing some rowing can even you out. Face pulls seem to be great for rear delts.

For most people having balanced muscle groups goes a long way.

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Does your high school have a strength coach?

A dedicated strength coach? No

@mnben87 Makes sense, thanks