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Joint clicking

Laymans terms, please. What causes my joints to click when I move them? My shoulders click when I do rotator cuff movements. Is that a bad thing? How do you treat the ‘clicking’? My knees also click when I squat.

I have the same thing…especially when I lift my arm and swing it ‘behind’ me…Not sure, but I noticed the more I stretch the less it hurts during workouts. If it keeps up, I’m going to go get it checked out.

I have the same problems (of course I’m 45). From what I’ve read, I believe most of my clicking - which occurs repeatedly, is caused by rough calcium deposits on the outside of bones (the bones have some rough bumps instead of being smooth) and the clicking can be caused by the tendons catching and clicking on the rough bumps instead of smoothly sliding along the surface of bone. Also, I have popping noises in my joints which I understand can be caused by the formation of nitrogen gas accumulating in the joints and making a popping noise when bending the joint and gas bubble is released. Clicking is probably rough spots though that catch on moving tendons.

Just kinda deal with them. My elbows “pop” and my knees “click” all the time. It’s just a thing that happens to some. I’ve gone to ortho and they’ve taken x-rays & MRI’s and my joints are healthy. It’s just what they do. As long as they don’t hurt you’re okay. That is the advice that 3 orthopods and 2 regular MD’s have given me. Two went so far to demonstrate they have the same thing for years and they’re fine.

Click away!!

The clicking you are hearing is a form of ‘crepitus.’ It may be your body trying to warn you of a possible problem, or it could be nothing. With your shoulder clicking, you should be x-rayed for the beginning of a possible subluxation of the g/h joint. If your knees ‘pop’ during flexion and exstension you most likely have patella tracking problems. If this is the case, you need to strengthen the Vastus medialis and stretch your quads and IT band thouroughly. Of course ART is a great idea, but this is just speculation, so go see a doctor. Clicking, popping , and other forms of crepitus can be a warning. Listen to your body!

That ain’t clicking ya hear. That’s ticking.
Ticking of the clock of old age. It gets us all after a while.

Your all gonna laugh at this one but I had a physical therapist say the clicking was gas within the joints. Thats right, according to her, my joints were farting. Maybe the therapy I was at not physical but psychiatric