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Joining The Navy


Recently decided to enlist for 4 years to US Navy. But im still planning things out for myself on what should i do once i finish my 4 years. Don't want to spend 4 years of hard work and not make a good living once im out..

I've completed only 2 semesters of college (studying engineering but only general classes..) . Am i able to somehow still study this while in the navy and gain some experience in that field as well?

any ideas on what i should try working in are welcomed. I honestly just want make a decent 60k-80k living once i get out. Don't get me wrong im not joining the military just for the financial benifits(if im coming off that way) im also interested in exploring the world and getting away the negitivity in my area but money is a big issue with me.


btw hows the navy going to affect my lifting? currently trying to bulk .


I can't speak from experience, but one of my good friends was a platoon leader in the Army, and I'm not sure how much it varies with your questions between branches but to my knowledge you can get some college credit for a lot of things in the military. As for making 60-80k after you get out, there's no way to predict. That would be ideal for a lot of people and the military definitely helps, but it's not going to solve all future finiancial problems.

The navy is definitely going to affect your "bulk" but the good news is that if you are on a base, you will have quality workout equipment at your disposal. Some bases have gyms all over the place, and they are nice. The other nice thing is, being in the military you don't have to pay for huosing or food, so you can spend a lot of money on supplements or whatever yuo need. Hope this helps some. Good luck thuogh it's an honorable endeavor. Great things no matter what happens


In the Navy!


I heard PT in the military is reduced for women when compared to men. So does the Navy require a woman to be of the same standard as a man in the water?


What is Joing the Navy?


Is the OP a female? Did I miss something? The answer to your question is NO. They lower the bar across the services for women. As far as special forces is concerned I don't know.


My one brother joined the Navy as a sonar tech, used their available resources to continue his education in computer sciences and has retired from the Navy with some type of degree in network engineering.

Now he has a pension and works as a civilian with a defense contractor making a pretty good living.

So, yes it can be done.


I encourage military service for anyone, really.

You will notice a huge difference in the quality of personnel in combat arms vs. non-combat arms positions.

Pic just for fun. Navy is fine.


If your looking to make money or get a job after 4 years do some research and look at what kind of jobs and training the navy has to offer not all jobs are going to get you something on the outside but some will especially if your willing to go overseas to places like Afghanistan, Kuwait, ETC. Keep going to school even if its online.


O and don't buy all the garbage Recruiters tell you I think you will find more honest used car dealers then recruiters.


OP What job did you land in the Navy? I spent 8 yrs in as a FC {Fire Control Technician}. Prior to that I was in ARMY ROTC but lost my commission when I broke my ankle. I enlisted in Navy because the recruiter lied and didnt place me in Officers Program. Anyways, I toured over 20 different countries. I crossed the equator twice. I'm a true Shellback and got to induct people as Shellbacks on my second ship. Served in Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. I was apart of the first Battlegroup to leave port 9/11 and return in NYC and the city opened it's arms to us during Fleet Week upon our return.

Following that stint I worked for a company called TRT {Tissue Regeneration Technologies}, and now I work for CNXGAS. I got my degree prior to entering Navy but I work in the drilling field which is wide open right now. I landed this position due to the Electrical training received in Navy. I work in a world where everyone here has petroleum Engineering degrees and I earned mine in business. Yes I make the salary your wanting.

How would I do this if I were in your shoes? I would leave after 4yrs and re-enter as an officer by going to a college with an ROTC program. You can can utilize your college fund to pay for the 4year degree. By entering ROTC you will earn a stipend and only train one weekend a month. No one even knows your apart of the program. Upon graduation you earn your butter bar and commission same day you graduate.

After an additional four years you walk out of there with 8 yrs experience, enlisted and as an officer. Or you could just take your four years and I can help you obtain that level by the knowledge I gained after I left the Navy. I was actually forced out based on overflow of the rate. I received a sevrence package. I knew this was going to happen an entire year prior to leaving. I had plenty of time to plan. I have the knowledge to help you.


Thanks for the input guys. Really appreciate all of this!

At the moment i haven't taken my ASVAB sorry if i gave the impression that i've already signed a contract.. Still studying for the test in order to score a good grade.

My plan was to actually only do 4 years again. Even though the ROTC program seems like a great idea , im leaning towards more becoming civillian again after 4 years. So what do you think on how i should go about things then?Should i shoot you a pm or something? Thanks in advance.. I really appreciate all of the help i can get..


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Study for the ASVAB?


Have to agree with this statement.

To the OP, I wouldn't worry about the ASVAB.

I took mine not too long after I graduated from college, and got a perfect score the first time.

Assuming you paid attention in high school and the classes you've taken in college, it should be a cakewalk. It's basic math and reading.


Why are you planning for a life after the Navy when you haven't even earned the title yet? I've never understood this mentality...


Why not?


I understand this actually. I always was looking ahead.


I don't think looking ahead is a bad thing, but the OP has already determined he'll get out after his 1st enlistment before his 1st day.

That seems odd to me, but he's certainly not the first Sailor/Marine with this mentality.


Because you have no idea what being in the Military really means.

Basically what I'm saying is that I hope your current mentality doesn't ruin your experience and doesn't keep you from making a career out of the Navy if that's what is truly the best thing for you.

Closed mind = closed doors. That's all.