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joining the military...

hi ppl, im 17 years old, and bout to join the australian army. was wondering if anyone could give me some new workouts / workout ideas, as i dont seem to experiencing any new results.
also, if anyone has sport specific workouts for boxing / MMA, i would be grateful, as i would like to continue my participation in these sports while enlisted.

Meh. I would just work on cardio and so forth. General lifting but nothing to bulk you… If your nation’s military is anything like the US military, they really do not pay much attention to musscle mass… thusly most people that come out of Basic are “skinny fat”

In short… just get yourself ready to run a few miles a day… hump yourself around for another 10miles with full gear… .come to think of it… find out how much your gear will weigh and do some good double time with it on you… you may look funny to those around you… but… meh who cares… or something

Camm cardio would be your best bet as you will be running everyday, also take my advice and go out and buy a pair of combat boots and start wearing them and running in them as much as possible. You wouldn’t believe how many people in basic bitch and moan about sore feet, going from Nike-airs to combat boots is a big difference, you’ll have the edge and won’t have to deal with sore-ass feet.

Good luck

Hey, how’s it going ? Sorry no advice for u just wondering where in Australia u live ? I am in NSW on the Far North Coast.


Hey Man. The basic fitness test is just Male Requirement: Push-Up: 15. Sit-Up: 45, Shuttle Run: 7.5. It’s pretty weak i know but it is the min. Most blokes i know have walked through it. If you want go in really fit in the way they want you i agree with MaynardMeek with a few differences. Walk 15km twice a week with 28kg in packs on your body. This is the wieght the army generally uses as its average wieght you will be under. Before entry this should take you about 3 hours. Also try and find some where were you can swim clothed and practice treading water for as long as you can. But other than that they are genrally impressed by large amounts of push up and chin ups. And as much as it hurts me to say this keep your lifting low on the pecking order as it won’t help you as much as other stuff. Good luck anyway mate

OH BLOODY HELL i forgot about the swimming with cloths on… that is really a key thing… STUPID STUPID STUPID ME!!! AHHHHHH jk

hey what ever happend to “men at work” can you send them back to the states… we will send you steve irwin…he is kinda odd

Agree with the others…endurance type workouts are best suited for military training.

check out these websites for some great military workouts


oh, and congratulations on your decision to serve your country!

Depends on how much time you have. I would say start walking bare foot to toughen up your feet. You’ll get used to the boots soon enough. Concentrate on injury prevention, they’ll condition you to where you need to be. Learn to do labor all day with very little nutrition. I really wouldn’t worry about it till you get to your first unit and have time to do your own conditioning.


Focus on aerobic endurance and muscle endurance although do not neglect strength work. In your weight raining routine focus on injury prevention. The pendulum approach could be very beneficial to your training depending on your training age. You could also (if you?re open minded) modify the pendulum system to use as an anaerobic/aerobic training plan:
Week 1: anaerobic/ sprints
Week 2: aerobic/ long runs
Week 3 anaerobic/ sprints
Week 4 aerobic/ long runs
I?ve been experimenting with this brand new concept with certain athletes whom need a lot of aerobic endurance but still need a highly effective anaerobic system. Try it and tell me if it was effective for you. Hope that helps and good luck.

Camm O - PM me for tips on military training. RLTW