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Joining the Forums for a Different Feel

As the title implicates, i am new to the site. I love lifting and being in the gym setting PR’s! Nothing like it! I do post on another forum site, but decided to try out these forums for a different feel. I’m 5’7, weigh 145lbs (bulking currently), my lifts are as follows:
Bench Press Max-255
Deadlift Max- 295
Squat Max- Ive done 205x6 on my 5th set of squats
Military Press Max- 105x8
As you can see my squats is really low :(. I just started doing them back in November, but, my form was off. I’ve corrected my form tho. And hope this bulk can jump start my squats numbers! Also, how do things work around here? Do you guys do rep systems?


[quote]kakno wrote:
Thanks man. Awesome avi lol.

Welcome dude. No rep system here, just reputations. Lift hard.

[quote]RawIntensity wrote:
Do you guys do rep systems?[/quote]

8-10 for hypertrophy

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:

[quote]RawIntensity wrote:
Do you guys do rep systems?[/quote]

8-10 for hypertrophy[/quote]

My stats are similar to yours when i first started working out (height and weight i mean, except i am shorter, and i weighed less than you).

There is no rep system. I avoided a certain site because of that system. I was tired of strength/powerlifters negging me when i explained and defended my method of hypertrophy.