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Joining Military

I need help guys I am joining the army and really need some help getting shape for the running my endurance is shit and the only advice I have gotten from any oe is run… Well I believe there has to be a better way I need to be able to run atleast 2 miles in 14 mins please any advice. I know this vague but I am on very short schedule. Thanks

Do 3 runs a week. No need to do anymore than that. Do one interval session of 400 meters with 2-3 minute breaks. Start out with 4-6 and add one every week. Do one CHI or continuous high intensity run starting out at 12-15 mins and run at 90-95 percent race pace. Do one LSD or long slow distance, start out at a half hour and jog easy, you should be able to speak in short sentences.

What I have been doing that really helped me get my running time down was using a heart rate monitor. Find your resting heart rate and do a google search to find your ideal working HR. For example, my resting is around 55-60 so my ideal working is around 160. Start off running for 30 minutes and do not go above your working HR. Run 5x a week, changing up the routes to include some hills, trails, etc. Each week increase your time by 2 minutes.

PM inbound.

Thanks man this sounds really good I will try this that wau I can alternate conditioning and weight lifting days. That way there some kind of serious training every day

To run a 14 minute 2 mile pft, you need to run your 400M in 1m45s.

So go to a track with a digital watch, and run 400M sprints. Make sure each one is at 1m45s.

Start with 2 minute rests (unless you’re in better shape than you let on) and work down to 30s breaks, in 30s changes. So week 1, 2m rest, week 2 1:30, week 3 1m, week 4 30s.

Then, once you can run 8 x 400M in 1m45, with 30s rest, take two days off, and run a two mile at that pace. You should be fine.

That’s not too fast, but it’s a reasonable goal. You didn’t say how much time you have, but I would work on your form as well. Google seach distance running form, make sure you’re not overstriding, etc.

Good luck, enjoy basic. Funny shit.

I have roughly a little over two months before I ship so have the time just need the advice and know how. I am in rediculusly bad endurance shape. Strength wise I am fine but running I am horrible I can literally barely run a half before I feel like dying.