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Joining Military After High School


i am a senior in high school who has been thinking about joining the military. I have thought about joining the military since i was a child. Now that i am a senior in high school i need to make a decision on what i want to do with my life. my life goal is to work in federal law enforcement.

I have my own plan of reaching that goal and joining the military is a part of my plan. another part is getting a degree. Paying for college is going to be difficult for me since i come from a low income family and also my grades are't the best(gpa is a 2.8 currently).i have been thinking about joining the reserves or national guard because of the idea of being in the military while still being a full time college student sounds pretty cool too me.

i have a couple questions for you guys: why did you guys join the military. could the education benefits like the gi bill help pay for ivy league school( for example. is it possible for a veteran to go to an ivy league school and get their tuition and housing fees paid for).I haven't taking the asvab yet. is it easy or hard. My last question is what branch did you guys serve in. i am interested in joining the airforce.


Senior year, 2.8 GPA, Ivy League school…? Uh huh.



My buddy says to wait a year to get better at managing your money, see what life outside the military is like, and get a bit more mature. I’d basically tell you not to rush into anything that’s going to consume years of life, be that school or the military.

Do you ever take these threads seriously or do just make them for fun?


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OP…Read the very first paragraph…FREE education.

Do you have what it takes ?


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Do you ever take these threads seriously or do just make them for fun?[/quote]
I am starting to feel that maybe he is special needs Spar.

Be easy on him.


On the bright side, he seems to have moved on from his obsession with magically becoming a D1 athlete in a few months of training.


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On the bright side, he seems to have moved on from his obsession with magically becoming a D1 athlete in a few months of training.[/quote]
Now you did it, you reminded him that Alabama is going to try to recruit him again.


join the military, enroll in the astronaut program, score wimmenz~



im currently in the military. (Air Force) i would not join unless you have lived a little outside of highschool and is on of your only options left. unless you plan on going to school to be an officer. You as an enlisted member are highly underpaid, under appreciated, and worked to much with random schedules to get paid what you do. they promise you health care, but their health care is from medical personnel in the military wich is a joke.

ECT i hurt my back a little over 2 years ago lifting (i was stupid and was ego lifting woth horrible form) but anyways they wont even run a test other than an X-Ray wich wont show any nerve pinching or nerve damage. case in point on that is their medical care is a joke… you receive 1 month paid vacation a year but you dont get to choose when you take it for the most part you can put in for it but likelyhood of you getting it when you want it is slim to none.

also working 12-14 even 15 or 16 hours a shift without any kind of over pay sucks. You do get to travel quite a bit but a lot of the places or all of the places ive been overseas has had an 11 to 12pm curfue wich makes you feel like your 12 again living in your parents house although you havent done anything wrong. The GI bill is sketchy as well because from time to time they will tell you this year you cant use it because they cant afford it then the next year you can.

The military is also very political as in you can work your ass off do your job better than 98% of the people doing it but if your immediate supervisor up the chain doesnt like you the person they like will get priority over everything in front of you… also if your not a good test taker in the AF you just will not get promoted because promotions have a majority to do with test taking skills.

on the test taking note the GI bill will more than likely not pay for a ivy league school ESPECIALLY if your GPA is 2.8. also if you think the law is more stict where you live you should probably think again because they are WAY more strict in the military than as a civilian. So on all that plus a lot of stuff on top of that that i just cant even begin to type unless you are in a real bad position in life i would not even consider joining the military and im in the AF so better way your options really hard before you think about signing those enlistment papers