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Joining a Basketball League


OK, I would love to joing a men's leauge. I am 39, have had knee surgery and have not played for maybe 15-20 years. I am overweight out of shape. Is it worth the risk of injury? Do any of you guys partake in sports still? I need to do something that I can look forward to and maybe set a goal to get better.


How much overweight?

And why not? Fuck it just go do it and stop planning.


Go for it! Just the positive action of signing up will probably make you lose 5lbs, and you still know the moves albeit you're a little rusty. I take it for granted your are not 100lbs overweight.

If you think the old injury will get in the way just go to the local high school and see how the kids are training, or try to do some of the drills you did back in the day. This should act as a basic stress test and tell you where you stand.

Remember that only 5 players are on the court at one time so you're not going to be in the starting 5 from the get go. This will give you time to get back into the swing of things.

I've returned to playing golf (yeah laugh if you want) on a semi-pro level, and I'll compete for the senior national amatuer title in two years. Let your will drive your life, not your fears.

Edit: I'm sorry if that came out condensending.


Its easy to sit on your ass and get fat but its not very fulfilling. If your weight is preventing you from doing things you want to, the time is now to attack your weight and get in shape. Of course you should join a B-Ball league if that's what you enjoy, but you should also take care of yourself and get that weight down which will make you feel better, more mobile, and reduce the risk of injury. You can and should do both, you won't regret it.


Good post about fear leading your life. Not 100 but maybe 30-40 lbs. 6-3 at 280 now.


Shit that is not bad.

Question you afraid of getting schooled? or more worried about hurting yourself?


Hmm, last time I played I dislocated my kneecap. I just had a shoulder surgery, had a knee surgery and 2 brain surgeries for brain tumors. As far as schooled I was always a Bill Laimbeer type so I made up by playing agressive or what some people call dirty. It is a church leauge so I doubt they will like that. My wife works, I make zero and we pay so much for insurance I would feel like a total asshole if I really got hurt again. Actually, this is starting to make me look at a bigger picture than just basketball. That is a whole different discussion.


Whoa hoss!

After you listed the extent of your surgery I don't think you should be looking for advice in the internet, but by your doc. I am in no position to give you advice as to when and how much you should do so soon after your last surgery, so please take my advice with a grain of salt.



If you wait until things are optimal you'll never get tehre.


Dude honestly and Im not trying to be a dick...2 brain surgeries and the rest of the ailments you listed the only basketball you should be doing is the one on a video game, you have too much to lose, Im no doctor but you state that you play like Bill Laimbeer who was a dirty asshole of a basketball player, you give someone a cheap shot and you just may get an elbow to the temple which cant be good for someone with a fragile dome like yours.

Basketball was my number one sport, I was more of a Charles Oakley / Anthony Mason type, if you cheap shotted me you can be sure I would pay you back.


I say get out there. You'll probably feel better, and your health will improve. You'll never get anywhere unless you take chances.


Man, I loved playing basketball, but injuries are a part of the game ( for me it was numerous ankle injuries, fractured ribs, and a broken nose). I'd suggest seeing a doctor perhaps to assess how you'll hold up to the pounding of running the court.

Come off the bench or limiting your minutes could be the answer too. You still get to participate, but within your limits.


Well maybe you do need to look at the bigger picture. This was just your way of exploring it.

If it is a church league than I say you just get out there to have fun, lose some weight and be with people. Leave the old school boxing out for another time.