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Joined Wrestling


The Wednesday of last week, I joined wrestling. As I was too small to go for the 189 lb class from losing to much weight due to football (only about 5, but it still mattered), I decided to wrestle in the 171 class.

This is my first year, but since the other 171 lbs wrestler (we only had two in our weight class) couldn't make it, I an now officially starting varsity. I am extremely nervous.

Although I did pin a kid 20 lbs heavier than me today during a mock match, I still have a lot of doubt as if I am going to actually make it. The coaches will move other kids around every now and then though.

I am posting this for no other reason then I felt like I needed to share, so for all six of you that know who I am, I unfortunately will not be gaining weight until the beginning of March. I will still lift, but getting bigger is kind of out of the option.

I do miss eating a lot already.


I went from football to wrestling my senior year too. It was a lot of fun, made me wish I had started years before.

1) You will get your ass kicked a few times this year by guys you would look at and think you'd destroy.

2) You will find that football conditioning is really easy relative to what wrestlers have to do.

3) You will learn how long 6 minutes really is.


Man, I wish my high school had athletics.

Go get'em, tiger.


If there is one thing I learned about wrestling is weight can be overcome my Jr. adn Sr. years I wrestled at 189 with a body weight of 160, I havd to drink enough water to break 171 so I could qualify but with I was faster and due to not having to cut weight as strong or stronger than a lot of my opponents, my coaches even took me out for dinner the night before to try to fattten me up.

I did very well qualified for State my Senior year and had a 11-5 record. Yes you will take your lumps but use them as a learning experiance you will learn alot about yourself this seasion how you deal with losses when there are no excuses but you failed, and how to win with grace. Good luck and keep us posted.


Yup, already happened. Oh well, it's still fun.

I have promised myself to never complain about football practice ever again.

That's already starting to happen. Best conditioning ever.


Wrestling and football does create some great friendships. Sad that you couldn't experience it.

Thanks. I will give it my all.


That's what I am going have to do next year. I am going to try to gain a lot of weight for football, but then I won't be able to go back down to 171.

That's what I like about wrestling. It's all on me. No one else. Thursday is our first meet and Saturday our first tournament. I will keep you updated.


I loved how wrestling was a team sport and an individual sport at the same time. Getting the pin for the 6 points your team needed for the win is a great feeling.


Yah its weird too cuz you could win but the team could loose making the van ride home a little strange, kuz your happy but sad at the same time.


I don't remember if our school has our lost at duel when I was there.

But with 60 kids, I doubt a van is going to fit us all.


Wrestling and football is a good combo. Football and track and field are proably the best sports to increase your strength, speed, and athleticism, while wrestling produces the mental touphness like no other sport.

Wrestling conditioning will become slightly easier as your technique gets better and you know when to explode and where you to use your energy. Remember conditioning for sports is specefic football players practicing with us would tire out quickly but many of us would tire out from football.

That being said wrestling conditioning will always be a b****. Despite what I said above it will only be slightly less hard and you will still feel like dying.


Nice man! Wrestling is great, I wrestle 189. I was scared as hell my first season, I know how you feel. I don't know your style, but I got into after football as well, so I always thought that strength was a huge thing, but technique always overcomes it, so get down the basics.

My first season was absolutely horrible, but I was tougher then I ever thought I would be and I learned a lot, so soak it up. Check out some of Dan Gables stuff if you've got the money, its brilliant.

I don't know which of your sports you're more dedicated to, but I went to several wrestling camps, and learned more then I ever imagined in a span of a week. Good luck man, shoot hard.


Yeah, I need a lot of technique. The coach commented on my raw skill, but I need to refine it tremendously.

I hate monkey rolls. Ironman (6 straight matches of 30 seconds) is fun at times though.


I don't think I am going to wrestle at 171 next year, probably 189.

My first season can't be horrible. 171 for my school will always just be me and one other person probably, so I'm going to need to get good quick.

I'm dedicated to every sport I play. I might put football first though, for now.


I wrestled in High School. It was very fun. As mentioned, it is the most physically and mentally demanding sport the UIL approves, and maybe in general.

I would add that you should be prepared to face injuries that could potentially put you out of football. I remember dislocating a shoulder, breaking a few fingers and cracking a rib, all common injuries. So are broken collarbones.

Also, get your head out of your ass. You'll take your lumps against more experienced guys at first, but expecting to lose and doubting at your level will guarantee you suck. Wrestling truly is a sport where heart is equal to conditioning and experience.


I actually got a stinger in my neck. That was one of the most painful things ever for me.

It was funny. Yesterday, we had practice and did a lot of drilling. I got beat almost every time as I was going against all the varsity kids, but somehow coach told me I did good. Apparently I am doing something he likes.

Still, I want to get better, and the only way is to get lumps against the older guys.


Ha! Stingers are practically a way of life. They prime you for things to come. Expect an injury and expect to be asked to "play" through it. More so than in football.

Your coach probably likes that you don't give up, even if losing. Everyone knows that along with conditioning, skill comes with practice in wrestling. What is important is wanting to win.

Lots of wrestlers quit in the middle of a match. They don't get pinned but they fuck around and "look busy" so to speak. They always suck but sometimes get a varsity jacket because no one else is in their weight class. The jacket is all they want. Coaches see that and they see people really interested in winning. He'll probably mentor you until you start winning if the latter is your case.


I want to win. I hate losing. I would rather win than get the jacket.


Ukrainian, we'd love you to share your training stories with us in the MMA Training Hub thread on the Combat Sports Forum.

Welcome to the addiction of combat sports!


Sounds fun. I'll check it out.

And yes, it is an addiction.