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Join The Quest To 405 Deadlift!


I'm sitting at a PR of 350 X 4 right now, I haven't attempted anything heavier than that. I figured I would make a thread to see if anyone else out there has pulled 315 and is now in need of something more!

If you haven't pulled 405 yet and are working towards it, get in here and track your progress. I'm heading out right now to beat my current PR, so I'll post back later when I'm done!!

If you're in need of motivation, these are more than perfect

I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack right now just thinking about lifting soon. Damn, I love deadlifting :slightly_smiling:

Keep at it everyone!


Damn, I think I have that 405 in me somewhere. Definitely gonna pull it before summer

Form wasn't the best


I pulled 335 a week ago. Ill be more then happy to post a pic or vid once I get 405. Deff before the summer ends !


Hell yeah man. Keep training like a slave and eating like a king, it will come :slight_smile:


I'm in. Pulled 335 for four sets of three today. When's the deadline? End of summer? Or just whenever you want it to be?


I got 365 for 5 around christmas time but due to some issues with even accessing a gym and then an injury obtained from squatting that kept me out of the gym for a long time, I've been relegated to a 315 for 5 deadlift.

Strange thing is, I just can't seem to get past that point. I've been embarassingly stuck here for about two months.
Still, I'm starting 5/3/1/ in a week or two and I'm looking forward to only focusing on only one lift each day. I got to my a 365x5 DL using Rippetoe's SS and when my DL strength tapered off I felt that it was mainly because my legs and back were so fucked from squats(particularly high volume squats on the Texas Method) so I'm hoping for big things from now on.

I've always felt like a good deadlifter. I don't know if I have beneficial anthropometry for it but I really enjoy deadlifting. This is a good thing 'cos I fucking hate squatting.

So yeah I gotta get in on this.
Best of luck to all.


Also, this is a great song to deadlift to!


Best of luck to all of you! Keep pulling heavy and bust out the chalk brahs! You'll get their in no time! Unless you've got tiny t-rex arms and long-ass gazelle legs


Something that I changed up, was I rack pull every other deadlift day. So since today I deadlifted, in 5 days I'll rack pull instead. It's weird because my sticking point is actually from the floor, but since I've been doing this, both my rack pull AND my regular deadlift have shot up. A month ago, or a little more, my 1RM deadlift was 350, but today I pulled 365 X 6. Try this out if you want

Haha, I think I'm built for deadlifts. My box squat is a weak 250 X 6, and today I deadlifted 365 X 6. Oh well, it'll come around eventually :slight_smile:


Where do you do your rack pulls from, in relation to the knee?

I have been doing them from just above but have been reading this wont likely help my DL, which I have recently switched to a once-a-month extravaganza. Might switch to just below. I like the ability to really hammer squats and rack pulls for 3 weeks between attempts and cant wait to see the effect on my deads sometime around the 21st.

Unfortunately last month I hit 405 conventional for the first time and cant join in. Sumo I got it a while back, but its not where I can participate in the other thread either lol. shit!



you are coming forward on the balls of your feet, you should be coming back on your heels. if you arent already, point your toes outward a bit, and perhaps narrow your stance a bit. if none of that helps, concentrate on pulling back onto your heels.


I do my rack pulls from mid knee or slightly below

I really feel like I'm driving through my heels, I might have just gotten a bit sloppy on that one because I was really excited lol. I'll keep that in mind next time though, thanks dez


Good thread. Its like the 500 deadlift thread..for us weaker folk :wink:
I pulled 315 a few cycles ago right before I had my wisdom teeth pulled out. Going to test tonight or tomorrow night. Hopefully I've made some progress.
I've been doing 5/3/1 for 6 cycles. When I started, I could only do 275 for two back breaking, terrible reps. I did 275 for 5 reps about 2 weeks ago. 285 for 3 reps on Saturday. I think I have some form issues, because my first rep tends to be really sloppy, but the rest are alright.


Most likely a mental thing. Rehearse mental cues immediately before your set, and more importantly, during warmup sets. Pretend your last 1-2 warmup sets ARE working sets, as far as rep perfection goes, and that should help you get mentally prepared ahead of time for PRs. Remember the basics, and get them down:

-Chest high
-Belly full of air
-Pull back, not up


I pulled my warm up sets today like my life depended on it (315 X 1, 335 X 1) and then set my PR of 365 X 6 from a 350 X 6. It's crazy how mental lifting is


if you pull 365 like that ashylarryku, you have at least 405 for 2.


no straps right?


I'm in.

I was at 295x1 and 285x3 for awhile. But then I decided to do a mixed grip instead of double-overhand and got 315x5 today. I'll try chalk for the first time as soon as my orders from elitefts arrive.

Are there any rules or just get to 405?


Well..just got home. After two failed attempts at getting 315 off the floor, I finally got it up. It was basically a straight legged deadlift once I got it off the floor though. The last time I attempted 315, I couldn't get it off the floor. So yeah...any suggestions.
I've been following 5/3/1 and have been achieving rep records every week for my deadlift, but I can't get heavy(for me) weights off the floor. fuckkkkk


Best of luck to yall, I felt like a badass mofo when I first pulled 4 plates.