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Join the Quest for a 405lb Squat!


In and… quest completed lel

Taper/peak, gear up with belts/sleeves and max out mane. Tbh 315x5-6 probably put you between 365-385 depending on how good you are at 1RMs.

Or you could keep on the grind because you’re pretty close now


In, probably gonna hit it soon. :smiley:
Then next is that 500lbs… (but first 200kg.)


I hit 380. Meh.

Probably gonna have to wait to see 405 for a while. Not tripping.


late to the party, and well past this marker, but just came across this thread. I love these challenge threads, I wish we had more of them.

@BlueCollarTr8n those are some looooong pauses. Jebus. I think I’ve hit 405 for 11 maybe? But never paused like that. I would assume that would take me down to 5ish. So I’m very impressed.


Reviving an old thread…

finally hit the 4 plate barrier (raw that is, i have hit 425 in wraps)


395… almost there.
Shooting for low 400s by the end of meet prep


I’m super late to the party, and it’s gonna be a grind, but my best is 335. A big goal would be to get 405 before the end of the school year


Sort of coming out of a cut. Dropped 30lbs. And am just now getting 315 back as a 4-5RM.

Probably won’t see 405 until I start running one of my tried and trues, and back in the 2500-2600 calorie range. Maybe by next year? Idk.