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Join the Quest for a 405lb Squat!


I just saw the ‘‘Join the Quest for a 495lb Deadlift!’’ and I thought let’s start a similar one for the squat

Here’s some squat some squatting from recently with 253 lbs + bands

So,all the weak guys that can’t squat 4 plates come and join me and let’s become less pathetic

PS I’m trying to reach the 405 beltless,but that’s just a personal goal of mine


Joining. 405 with a belt but no knee support is my goal. Here is a video with me squatting 375lbs in the beginning.


Well shit, count me in.

160kgs, September of 2015, Belt + Knee Sleeves

160kgs, a week and a half ago, belt + knee sleeve x2

I think I’m probably pretty close to a 405lb squat other than the fact that I haven’t actually squatted low bar at all in the past 3 months or so. Solely focusing on high bar volume squats nowadays. I’ll squat the 405lbs when I feel like it. Build strength, not test it.

Side by side comparison


So I did some no hand front squats today and worked up to 105 kg.Pretty happy with that one


Tried 4 plates for first time in ages today. felt very easy. 200KG will be mine soon :slight_smile:


I guess I should have made the goal a bit higher :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck bro


Anyways today I did an easy 100 kg / 220 lbs x 10.I think I could get to 15-20.That was a nice ego boost


Some pause squats from today.Form needs work but it’s way better than the 130 kg paused single I did a while back.It was also easier


Well shit, it’s been a while and no one has updated anything so here I am. I’ve changed my squat form rather drastically since I last posted in this thread and I’ll be testing my squat maxes next week. @stronkfak you anywhere near the 405lb squat?


Quite a bit actually.In 6 months or so I went from a 308 lbs beltless squat to a 375,done in a random day too.Glutes are overpowering my legs though which makes my but shoot up on the hole,so I decided instead of pushing to 405 taking some time to focus on my front squat,which is a mere 264.So up until May I’m shooting for a 330 lbs beltless front squat,or even 352 lbs until August,which will probably have me around a 440 lbs back squat after some months back to it


Here’s a video of it

What are you shooting for when you max out?


Have you invested in a pair of squat shoes? Best decision I’ve made as far as my squat’s concerned. Makes it feel much more natural and makes it to where I can go deeper and don’t have to take as wide of a stance and keep my feet at a straighter angle (i.e. Making it a better quad builder)


I’ve thought about it but not yet.Probably will buy some in the future though


I bought a pair of $80 adidas power lifts and they perform very well. No need to spend 100s of dollars on a good pair. Well worth the invest for serious squatters


Clips were part of a Snapchat story but show clips of 320lbsx5 deep. Video was taken from a slightly shorter perpective. It says 320lbsx3 because I was expecting to only be capable of a triple. Only the first, second, and fourth reps were recorded.

Could have probably hit a 6th or a 7th rep but I’m really cautious about form breakdown ATP.

16 y/o, 180lbs, 6’1"

Closing in on 405lbs but it will still take a minute to get there. Once I’m repping 2x bodyweight for sets of 5 I should probably be there.

It was about 7-8 seconds break between reps.

There were some deadlift clips at the end too. I hit 390lbs a few weeks.

Btw I’m wearing the VS ATHLETICS Weightlifting Shoe II. Great shoes as I was previously squatting in socks. More stability, Upright torso, easier to get deep.

Here is a vid of me squatting 325lbsx6 deep in socks last April. For was getting worse because it was the last set, but since then I’ve improved.


I done it on 61kg bodyweight without belt ,wraps,sleeves


Also just hit 425lbs squat been training for 7-8 months now. I don’t have a training partner so my form might be poverty :joy: Congrats on your recent success!


25 pounds to go!


Rocky Top!


I’ll join the quest when I get a 405 dead. Give me a year or two.