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Join the Quest for 600...yah I Want a Quest too.


Well my quest is for 600, I've seen a 405, 495 now so figured I'd make one for 600.

Not sure what my current max is, did 480 for 5 the other day at 181, I've pulled 525 prior, and am prepping for my first meet in Nov. So for anyone who wants to join in on the fun feel free!

No straps/suits

Belts/Chalk allowed/conventional preferred.


Sure, I'll join in. Although I'm still in that 545 deadlift race lol. Why not 585 though? That's a nice and tidy 6 plates in line with the other two threads (5/4)

Anyways, my best single so far was 515, and my best repped set was 485x3(almost 4, didn't quite lock out the last rep). I'm hoping to hit at least 545 next week when I retest, but you never know how things will pan out.


Im on 510 with hair-raising form


I don't like the 495 quest heh. I think it should of been 500. If you've only got 5 more lbs, or in this case 15 more lbs to hit a century mark you might as well make that your goal. 600 just sounds so much cooler then 585. I'm wondering how my grip will hold up at the higher weights as that has tended to be my limiting factor though I've been working on it. Here's my 480 for 5 (with really bad form in my opinion).




Well guess I suck at searching. Thanks!