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Join The 315 Clean & Jerk Club!


Okay, who wants to get there with me?

The clean may be any kind, either classic or continental.

The jerk may be push or split.

Really, as long as you take 315 from the ground to over your head, you're golden.

My current best is 265lb.



Is this really "bodybuilding"?

I bet you'll get more excitement over this challenge here in the "Olympic Lifting" forum:



yeah this should probably be in the Oly Lifting forum. Not too many bodybuilders doing clean n jerks these days.


Yes, this will probably get moved tomorrow, or soon.

So, before I never see this thread, good luck to everyone!



Now that it's in the o-lifting forum we should rename it to "Join the 142.88kg Clean & Jerk Club!"


LOL! was thinking the same thing.

Damn Americans!!! [looks around...] pout


lol indeed. I didn't know if I should, as I do it for strongman. But I guess that's a far better fit!


Haha me too :smiley:

I was going to blame Crossfit.


Kgs man :slightly_smiling:

Go for it mate. I've made a bet with my little bro to see if he can CJ 146kg by the end of next year. He needs to add on 35kg...he'll probably do at least 115-118 or maybe 120 before the year is over. It's a huge task for a 16yr old to do but he's up for a challenge.

You can race my bro!



Cool. I gotta get videos up. Got 124Kg last Tuesday with a continental clean, and a split jerk. I'm new to the jerk. I really should have posted this in the strongman section.


what's a continental clean?


Here is his last comp 4 weeks ago:

He has the British U18 in 2 weeks time.

Congrats on the continental clean and split Jerk :slightly_smiling:

This is Oly related mate, no ones going to care you posting it here!

A continental clean is where you rest the bar on your belt/ power stomach/ gut and then throw it up to your shoulders like a hang power clean.



The last movement I would think his arm might have snapped as it was in an awkward position with the weight on it.

Seen it before and doesn't look pretty! oO


He isn't strong enough to make his arm snap. You have to be really strong to go against the bar for your elbow to dislocate or just do it really badly.



Did I just see your brother miss a clean and jerk in competition? I think I just lost all faith in the laws of the universe.

Also, an example of a continental clean, for those who were asking:


yeah I noticed that too Jonty haha. Koing, what was that his first ever cj miss in competition? what was the weight?


I'm pissed...
My Achilles is acting up AGAIN (Got PRP injection on Sep 1), So I'm gonna' have to lay off any standing movements, ESPECIALLY THE CLEAN, as it focuses a lot of force to be absorbed around the heals. BTW, I do have a video of a 275 push press I did:


He has had 7 comps this year so far. He nailed 20 out of 21 Jerks, Failed the 21st Jerk. He had 113kg.

He has the British U18 this Saturday and the goal is to place top3. He is going to be one of the youngest guys there being 16 but it'll be good that he can mix it up with the big boys.

What will he get?!

He is also off to Spain at the end of the month with the rest of us and the London Open at the end of November.



that's sweet man. the kid's gonna be strong as hell in a few years.


Here's a video clip of me hitting 315lb back in August...A couple weeks later I hit 325...didn't catch it on video though...