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Had a helluva competition on the weekend where I went 5/6, 125/130/135 in the snatch and 160x/160/166 in the clean and jerk for a 301 total. That one miss shouldn't have happened, I think I was so amped up I forgot to breathe, in any case when I stood up with the clean I was so lightheaded I could barely see and the jerk didn't go well.

I settled down and smoked my last two attempts, but I think if I don't miss that weight I get a shot at 170, and I think I had at least that in me that day. Still hit PRs in both lifts though (prior bests were 130/165 in training and 125/160 in competition).

So, who's next?


Congrats mate!

It's a big milestone to break 300kg in comp!

Pulls looked huge, Jerks looked really solid mate!

What did you weigh?



That second sbatch was EPIC, thought you were going to miss it behind! Well done on the 300 milestone!


awesome man. strong lifts. hopefully I'll be able to do that in oh I don't know...10 years haha


Awesome! Your jerks are great.


Nice lifting - you have reached 'rare air' by breaking into the 300 club - congrats!

Onward and upward...


Koing - weighed in at 103.17 I think, didn't really have to do anything to make weight, was a nice change. I'm actually a lot leaner right now than I used to be, I almost had abs when I stepped on the scale haha.

Ed - yeah, watching the video that 130 does look like a bit of a struggle, and thanks

ape - 10 years? horseshit, I've seen a couple of your training clips and if you keep plugging away at it you'll get there quicker than you think

deb - yes, the jerk is generally the stronger part of the lift for me, which is why I'm still pissed I botched that first one haha . . . ah well

NWM - far as I'm conerned it's not "rare air" until I'm strong enough to compete with the Canadian flag on my back representing my country, but that's still a little ways off, onward and upward indeed


103.17kg, solid!



whoa, awesome jerks!

watching that makes me a little sad that my jerks are so pathetic......hence i'm going to be found in the strongman section from now on!!!!


103.17kg, solid!



Nobody ever got better by getting discouraged.

Unless of course your goals have nothing to do with getting better at o-lifting, in which case, strongman away, that shit looks like fun.


Exactly mate. Come up with a plan and stick to it if you want big OLifts work on that. Want big StrongMan lifts, work on that :slight_smile: