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Hey folks,

Our second meet is planned. It will be at the Fame Fitness Expo (hosted by Musclemag). We will meet on Saturday May 29th at 12noon.

The details are posted here:


i’m there.

bump bump bump


the more the merrier.




hey ontario t-men and t-vixens…

come join us for our second meet at Fame Fitness Expo.

details are at:


send me a PM if your interested in joining us.



I’ll see if I can come out

Beradi DVD at discount … mmm, ending the stupidity in my household

Can I still take advantage of the JB offer’s even though i haven’t come out yet?

And how much does JB breakfast cost?

pm me and i’ll add you to the emailing list.


Pics of previous events could help sales.

Who`d want to go there if there is not some eye candy?

At worst, you get more people for the wrong reasons, but how`s one to repeat an event over and over if the critical factor, attendance, is not there?

Just my 2 cents.

dan c,

Actually going to website will show you pics of our previous event.



By eye candy, I meant Babes ;0)

Sex sells.

Maybe Babe-ing up could attain higher attendance levels.

Bring in Cass or equivalents. With a brain like hers, theres no way people will sayBimbo`.

Just my 2 cents.


…then i could call it ‘musclemag’ and it would have nothing to do with weightlifting, nutrition, and supplements.

theres going to be eye candy at the show. i’m not running an escort service!


Im sure theres a middle ground somewhere.

dan c,

how about if i tell them that Cassandra from www.javalution.com has invited the Ontario T-Nation Crew to her booth for some free javafit samples. Of course, she’ll be there to greet the boys and maybe show us a few ‘bicep curls’

details at: http://www.geocities.com/jaystyles_2000/news.html


i’m in even more so now since Cassandra’s in.i love a woman with grip.

just kidding!

see you all next saturday!



12 pm - FAME.

12-5pm - schmoozin with the ladies at FAME.

5 pm - brass rail.

how’s that sound DanC?

First of all, wow.

Are some guys gonna be happy or what? Think of all the word-of-mouth you`re going to get from that one Jaystyles. A true win-win thing!

Big D, thanks for the offer, but Ill have to decline. PM me if you happen to come in <i>La Belle Province</i>. Theres surely some way I can return your offer. Just warn me in advance.

DanC - done deal. i think they’re better over there than the are in TO.

coffee with synephrine? sure i’m in.

be there saturday everyone and JB will show you his “5 secrets of how not to lose the remote control in your folds” (i hear secret number one is something like “don’t eat like a dumbass”)