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Join Navy Reserve

For a while now, I have been considering joining the Reserves. After doing a some research, I learned that the Navy seems to be more friendly for those who have a career going and a family. I’m 36 years old, degreed engineer, and have a couple of kids. The Navy offers a Direct Commission Program providing entrance as an Officer (O-1); this program has a 2 week training period after acceptance into the program (a wanna be ‘Basic Training’.)

So my question: With the on-going war in Iraq, is it truly a weekend a month and 2 weeks a year commitment? I desire to serve, but I need to consider the likelihood of a 6 month deployment overseas and the effects on the family and payment of my mortgage.

I’d appreciate any insight on the program and on the Reserves (especially information the recruiter won’t mention.)


With Iraq and Afghan wars and possibly Iran in the near future and other possible global skirmishes…

Are you willing to go for multiple tours beyond what you’re “expected” to?

Are you willing to have the duration of your tour “extended” for weeks if not months?

+/-s and risks to everything we do in life. What do you want out of this experience?


Something to keep in mind is that the 2 weeks a year, 1 weekend a month commitment is for you to get trained for active service. If you’re worried that you might get deployed, I wouldn’t recommend that you join. The whole reason there is a reserve, is for deployment(nationally or overseas),not just to pay people to get trained.

It’s 7am and the men and women of the US are busy defending freedom. But you’re in Lubbock, Texas, hosing stains of a monument.

You’re in the naval reserve. America’s 43rd line of defense; between the Mississippi national guard and the league of women voters.