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So I have been struggling with fatigue which I think was induced by having too much sex and working out very hard for a long time. I saw a chiropractor who had me do a situp on the floor with my legs in the air. My trunk muscles started shaking and he said my parasympathetic nervous system is not functioning properly. This ties in with other sexual exhaustion systems like indigestion, which arguably demonstrate an abnormally sympathetic nervous system.

So please perform the above experiment and tell me if your trunk (back muscles) shake when you do the situp with your legs at a 90 degree bend in the air (as if you were seated but on your back on the floor).

It seems like I am seeing a lot of people here complaining about weight loss/indigestion and fatigue, yet I can't help but know that there are a ton of low testosterone bastards out there who get through the workday just fine. Worse yet, my testosterone levels have increased, but the fatigue is still present. Thanks for your help in the name of science.


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I just did some to check it out for you, and no, there was no shaking.