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John's Training Log - Road to 225-315-405

I’ll try BBB in the future, probably when I had enough of the 20 rep squats lol. Btw, what do you think of swapping in Front Squats? The rack in my gym always has a long queue

20 rep front squats? Try it and find out.

I may have to change templates lol.

I personally wouldnt do it

Now doing the 5x5FSL Paused lift template.

Week 1:
Bench 115x5 125x5 140x12
Paused Bench 115x5 x5 sets

Squat 135x5 155x5 175x10
Paused Squat 135x5 x5 sets

OHP 70x5 80x5 90x10 70x6x5sets

Deadlift 175x5 205x5 225x13
Paused Deadlift 175x5 x5 sets

Paused squats have always worked well for me, in a very unglamorous, unexciting way.

Where are you planning on pausing the deadlift? And what kind of assistance work are you using?

I’m pausing the deadlift just a tad below the knee. Really made me sore in the hamstrings. As for my assistance, I’m doing back hypers and ab rollout/leg raises for Squats/Deadlifts and DB Row/Chinups and Tri Extension and a few curls for Bench and OHP day. Squats are paused at the bottom, right?

Sounds good to me. And yeah, I pause squats in the hole. It’s my weak point. I’m told bench is usually paused at the weak point, wherever that is for you, however I’ve never done them.

I would consider some single leg work on lower days, Jim recommends that in almost all his recent templates, otherwise it looks like a good set up.

Also, if you want to reply to specific people, it’s best to reply direct to their post, or to @ then. That way they get a notification and will respond quicker.

Thanks for the tip! I’ve only read the first book and Beyond, but I’ll try incorporating single leg work. My balance is pretty bad though, I did Bulgarian split squats before and I was just all over the place lol.

Me too. I suck at them big time. Try lunges or something to start with.

Week 2
Bench 115x3 135x3 150x12
Paused Bench 115x8 5sets
One Arm Row 60reps
Tricep Extension 60reps
Curls 50reps

Squats 145x3 165x3 185x10
Paused Squats 140x5 5sets
Lunges 30 reps per leg
Back Extension 30reps
Ab Rollout 30reps

Only had one more day to train for the week, so I combined Deadlifts + OHP. I thought I was gonna be weaker, but made PRs on both lifts!

Week 2 Day 3
Deadlifts 185x5 215x3 240x12
Paused Deadlift 185x5 5sets
OHP 75x3 85x3 95x11 75x6 5 sets
Chinups 50 reps


New here too. Following along. Keep up the work.

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Squat rack was again in use.

Bench Press 125x5 140x3 160x9
Paused Bench 125x8 5 sets
Chin up 50 reps
Tri Extension 50reps

Reincorporated use of lifting belt - first time using it since I started 531. Probably added 1 or 2 reps in the PR set.

Squats 155x5 175x3 195x10
Paused Squats 155x5 5sets
Back Raises 50 reps
Reverse Crunch 60reps
Triceps Pushdown 60reps

Deadlift 205x5 225x3 255x11
Paused Deadlift 205x5 5 sets
Push up 75 reps
Shrug 60 reps
Ab Rollout 50 reps

OHP 80x5 90x3 100x8 (1 rep short of a PR, oh well)
80 x 8 x 5sets
Chinup 50 reps
Dip 50 reps
Farmers walk 60lb DB, 5 rounds

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Or equalled a PR. I prefer equalled a PR

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I was shooting for 10 reps, guess this is not the day lol

Press is notoriously difficult to see big progress on, and incredibly easy to mess up a PR set by misgrooving a rep slightly. No biggie.