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Johns Hopkins sucks


Their idea of a good ketogenic diet for children with epilepsy is eggnog only.


it's just too bad that they are rated #1 overall.


eggnog with the alcohol or without?

How on earth can eggnog only be nutritious enough? Seems to be lacking in a lot of things.


I'm not sure. Check out the study in JAMA, they initiated the keto diet with eggnog, that's it.


Doesn't eggnog have sugar?


Clintpatty--If you go to Johns Hopkins web site they explain that with the advent of drugs to control epilepsy that the keto is no longer used very often.


initiated means started. Are you saying that continued to use eggnog throughout the keto diet. I know John's Hopkins has been a forerunner in using keto to treat epiletic kids. That's where the 1:3:1 ratio comes from.


I think eggnog is egg, cream, and sugar, but I'm not sure. This would be possible, as they started the kids on a 4:1 f:c ratio and reduced carbs to <10g daily afterwards. That means this shit (grain fed so many saturates, poor 3:6 ratio, and poor HDL:LDL ratio) was delivered, making their lipoprotein profiles even worse than if they were consuming grain fed bovine and poultry products only.


Vain68, the parents took control of the diet after John Hopkins got through with the eggnog, but still, they should have set a better example for the parents.


Did it work? If the program has been going on for so long maybe it's because the ketogenic diet actually did some good for the kids.


I remember seeing this on a nightly news program, and I remember that the children who they documented were not eating eggnog but eggs, cheese, and various meats, etc. I am not sure if this was part of the Hopkins program or not. They were having great success with the keto diet though!


Sergius, it was used because a ketogenic diet is an almost sure fire cure for epilepsy. That doesn't mean eggnog is the best ketogenic diet, or that it will work better at preventing seizures than one with more omega 3 and monos.


I did a Medline search on keto diets for epileptic kids a few months ago. I was under the impression that this was a very effective treatment that is being used today. ?


The John Hopkins way of starting ketosis is the extreme way. These kids have to hit deep ketosis and they dont worry about how they achieve it.
Sure long term health wise n-3 fats etc may be better, but try to get a kid, who's life is shit to start with, drink/eat something that tastes like ass