Johnnymaaaac's Training Log

Hey all. I’ve been bouncing around from program to program and learning new things here and there, specifically the clean o lift just recently. I’m going to school this fall, and I’d like to get in shape for indoor track hopefully in the 100, 200 and 400. I’m only 5’6", but I weigh around 165 (with more of it being up top), so I have been and am looking to focus this summer on dropping muscle mass above the waist, lean out, gain endurance but build strength and speed. Hopefully this will lead to better sport-specific shape and faster times. I am trying to get serious with my training, and instead of the “I’ll do this today, maybe that tomorrow, and then this the next day if I feel good enough” weekly routine, I’d like to set up a solid program. I’ve done some research, and this is what I’ve come up with:
P.S. to show you where I’m at, I timed myself this past week. I know these are nowhere near competition level, but this is what I’m working from and know I have a huge room for improvement seeing as though I’m nowhere near competition shape.

1st workout: two 150m fly starts - 20.1, 19.8
2nd workout (different day): *first set- 200m @ 28.9, 30 sec rest, 100m at 14.5
The second set was nearly equal times
My current 800m warm-up (done almost daily before workout) is at 3:07

Now that you have somewhat of an idea of my current fitness level, here is my proposed workout regimen. I appreciate your feedback and honesty!

Weekly routine:

All workouts begin with 800m warm up, static stretching and dynamic stretching/plyometrics.

All lifts are Maximal Effort (ME) with back-off sets (except for leg day/Friday).

Sunday: flag football league (focus of short sprints)

Monday: Push/pull movements - end with overhead strength exercise
Bench press
Medicine ball throws/clap-style push ups
Pendlay rows
Pull ups
Push press

Tuesday: Endurance training (light)

  • 95% effort 2-3 reps w/ full recovery (10-20 minutes)
    150m flying starts OR
    250m falling starts

Wednesday: Olympic lifts

Thursday: Endurance training (heavy)
*95% effort 2 reps w/ full recovery (10-20 minutes)
400 breakdown - run 300m, rest 30 sec, run 100m

Friday: legs (light) - end with overhead strength exercise
front squats
hip flexor/extensors work
push jerk

Saturday: Olympic lifts