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Johnny the Jackass


As a Red Sox fan, I just have to rant about that cocksucker Johnny Damon leaving the Sox for the damn Yankees.

Leaving the team is one thing- going to the team that were your arch enemies for four years is just ridiculous and appalling. I know, like every other asshole in sports, he follows the money like a donkey with a carrot in front of his nose. But I would just like to proclaim that if that horse's ass breaks his damn leg next year, I'll have no qualms. INFURTIATING!!

rant over.


Jim Caple has a good column on this over on ESPN's Page 2:

He makes a compelling case that Damon is in for a less-than-stellar fit with the Yankees. OK, so they paid him more cash... but seriously, is he cut out to be part of straight-laced, overly corporate Evil Empire? Giambi has looked horribly out of place the entire time he has spent in NY and I can see the same thing with Damon.

Plus... it's the f-ing Yankees. Maybe $12M can make someone think differently, but I don't get it. You spend the last few seasons with them as your most hated rivals and then you just flip a switch and it's all "We are the team to beat..." and the "we" is NY?

I am still amazed by that kind of thing with pro athletes, even though I shouldn't be.


He is just a professional changing corporations.

These guys don't buy into the hype that the fans do.


$50 million for four years.

Don't worry Irish, your revenge is coming. No way he can live up to that contract.

Another typical Steinbrenner move. More style than substance.

Damon is a good player. But his age and good don't warrant that much cash. Vengence will be yours next Oct.


As a Yankees fan I feel that this was a retarded move.

Like previously stated "typical Steinbrenner move." Fuckin jackass.


Thats what I'm hoping.

And Zap, its Red Sox- Yankees. Its not like a corporation. Millions of people don't pay attention to waht you are doing at your regular job. The whole country has eyes on baseball, especially now.

Either way, screw that pric bastard


As a yankees fan, I reluctantly welcome jesus into the family. Its a little hard to swallow, but think he could be a goo addition, although I will miss seeing him with his beard and hair. At least he's on the right side now.


I like the Red Sox - but I really doubt that they will make the playoffs next year.


Well I have heard rumours that Theo Epestein is back, not at an "official Position", but, you what that means.

They fucked up by not keeping him, but I don't think our ship has sunk yet.

Not like it would be anything new.