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Johnny Quest -- love child?

Okay, this whole post was generated by:

  1. Not enough sleep.
  2. Early morning shower.

So, for whatever reason, I’m thinking on that “lunchbox” thread while in the shower, thinking Race Bannon would be cool. Then it hits me: Johnny Quest has got to be Race Bannon’s love child!

Think about it.

  • Johnny is blond, but his so-called dad has black hair.
  • We never see Mrs. Quest. I can assume she died in an earlier dangerous adventure before the good Dr. ever found out about the affair.
  • Johnny is a pretty adventerous and ballsy kid, while Dr. Quest is a pretty wimpy, brainiac type.

So, it’s got to be that Race Bannon is REALLY Johnny’s dad. While Dr. Quest was busy in the lab, Race was busy with Mrs. Quest (probably in the mile-high club on that cool jet they use all the time).


I thought everybody knew this. Race Bannon and Benton Quest were lovers. Race fathered Johnny with a surrogate (because the Quest is sterile) and agreed to let the doc act as his father, since he had a better title and everything. Plus, it was the 60’s and they were trying to keep it all on the down low.

Geez, guys, ruin my childhood memories of a great show!

But still, ya gotta wonder…

Did you hear that the US soldiers have a new derogatory name for the oppossing Iraqi’s? “Hajis.” (Not sure of spelling.) Were they watching too much Johnny Quest?

Hmm. I think you might be on to something. It would explain why Race had to go off and do all the dangerous stuff while Dr Quest just cowered in a corner for most episodes. He was trying to kill him for the bad wife swap affair…!

Dr Quest: RACE! Run over the minefield, fight off the natives, dive over the waterfall, sneak into CIA HQ and get our jeep. I’ll stay right here and wait for you…

It all makes sense now…:slight_smile:

pesonally I was always suspect of how Race was the boys “tutor.” Overtones of NAMBLA s=type relationship going on there.

And while we’re exploring cartoon relationships, what about Popeye and the original lesbian, Olive Oyle.

What about Bandit?

Jonny’s mother did make one appearance in an animated movie a few years ago. It played on the USA network for a while.

Incidentally, she died. Jonny Quest was my favorite cartoon for that reason; people shot real guns, got the shit kicked out of them, and once in a while a bad guy actually died. Unfortunately, we will never see a cartoon like that again.

Imagine what the Religious Right would have to say if that show premiered today, given their ridiculous “outing” of Bert and Ernie.

heh, johnny quest kicked ass, but these all I pretty much watch is anime, only way to see blood, gore, and ppl dying in cartoonland

DD, I watched Dilbert for the first time a few days ago. I couldn’t belive how many people were killed in one episode!

Remember GI Joe? How PC was that show? Anytime a plane got shot, the pilot always managed to parachute out.

Sorry brider, I’m straying from your original post. JQ was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I guess it never crossed my mind about where Mrs. Quest was.

I think you are on to something here. Dr. Quest was too into his research to pay attention to Mrs. Quest and the next thing you know…Here’s Johnny.

If you would watch Adult Swim on the Cartoon Channel, you’d learn that Race Bannon doesn’t go for women, so Johnny probably isn’t his son.