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Johnny Knoxville's New Movie Project


I can't link youtube from work, so, do a little legwork and type in "Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia" to check out the trailer.

It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival over the weekend.

Looks really well done, can't get the song from the trailer out of my head either.

Say what you will about the Jackass guys, but I think they got something good here, can't wait to see the feature..


That looks interesting…and kind of scary.


There’s another movie out about Jesco White called “The Dancing Outlaw.” I couldn’t find the full version anywhere, but the trailer is on youtube. Apparently PBS did something on him too:






Ehhh, I dont know that I’ll be checking it out on opening weekend. Maybe if the reviews come back stellar, but after all the crap thats on TV (VH1 and MTV reality shows) now-a-days I’m pretty much saturated with the “White Trash” thing at this point.