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Johnny Football


I personally think the NCAA is going to find a way to nail him over this and don't figure he will be eligible for the season. I don't know how you could believe that he hasn't been compensated for all this somehow so the charges against him are probably true.

With that said, I don't believe in paying players at all, however, they should be able to take advantage of their own name in anyway they see fit. If they want to sign a jersey and sell it so be it. As long as it isn't a booster buying it (I could see the issue there), then the NCAA really should just keep their nose out of that. High profile kids will go to high profile programs regardless of all these rules so the whole illusion of competitive parity would pretty much not change at all.


The NCAA can eat a fat dick, I hate the NCAA.




So how do you really feel.


of course Johnny boy is gonna play. They got rating to think about.


Yeah, I keep thinking that but they did suspend AJ Green for the same thing. However, they let Pryor and the rest of the Buckeye crew participate in a bowl game "if they promised to come back". Who didn't see that ship jumping coming? Granted they did make the rest of the team those guys left behind pay pretty hard for Tressel's stupidity.


$$CHA CHING$$$ It's all about the $$$$


Just to be clear,

You're comparing 'AJ Green' to a freshman Heisman winner... I'm guessing Johnny is a bigger deal than a receiver.


But to a bigger point, below-professional-level-sports in america is comparable to a tyranny.

I really enjoy the whole college-farm system, but at the same time, it benefits pretty much everyone BUT the athlete. It's a damn shame, because, if a injury occurs in year 3 or 4, you've given them your entire college career, which resulted in a career-ending-injury, so now you're left with DICK, while the coach moves on to your younger brother.




I do agree with this. I think the universities should be more on the hook with scholarship players than they are. If you give a kid a scholarship it should be for a negotiable term one to four years and irrevocable. I could see maybe sticking terms like minimum GPA in there or in case of injury but it should be similar to a pro contract with "buy out" clauses and the like.



Sorry a college player has a chance to get a degree, if he is to stupid than to take basket weaving and underwater trick fucking and come out with a philosophy degree than that is his own fault.

I came out with 80k worth of student loan debt.

They get paid to play, its just not in cash.


Education bit is a good point. I'm fairly certain an overwhelming amount of student-athletes are athlete-students though.. I know I had that mind-set and I was the full-ride guy.


Of course they are, and they are put on a pedestal as an athlete.


I agree with the education part.


as far as the paying players thing, I would argue that since many programs don't allow their football players to get jobs in the summer, they should be on the hook for living expenses (a stipend) during the summer. For those 3-4 months out of every year, the scholarship is worth jack shit.

I would bet 100% of my bank account that Johnny Football does not miss the season. I would bet 80% of my bank account that he does not miss a single SEC or bowl game. I would bet 50% of my bank account that he does not miss a game.


I dunno, I would still say that caf and dorm are really all the pay they need. With that said, some of the rules are ridiculous, like individuals buying players lunches and stuff. Fine, maybe I can see not allowing them to receive cars and houses, although that wouldn't be the end of the world either, but if a fan wants to buy a guys meal at Mcdonalds or something the kid shouldn't be terrified to take it.


routing and account number please. if you have online banking i would appreciate your username/password, it's just easier to bank online..


Sorta off topic but my job had an intern that is in his senior year of being at A&M and if he was a representation of all Aggie fans then I hope they lose every single game. How fucking delusional are these people to think they can repeat that Alabama game AND beat LSU? WTF man. I would give all the glory to God if Rice miraculously upsets A&M.


Seriously? With no way to earn income? Come the fuck on, we're not talking about 20 grand. We're talking about a couple hundred bucks a month per player. Average dorm/food plan is worth less than 1000 bucks/ month. You split a shitty little room with another dude, and you eat the same awful food every day. How is that fair compensation for the hours they put into training/practice?

You've gotta understand, many of these guys come from homes where they're receiving absolutely no financial support, so whatever the University is giving them is literally all they have. Most aren't going to be able to get short term loans from the bank to cover living expenses during the summer. So you're looking at a situation where a player is putting in work training every day, and yet can't afford to go to a movie, go bowling, eat at chili's, buy clothes, etc. It's a damn shame.