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Johnnie Jackson's 1000 lb Deadlift?


I keep hearing and seeing that he's gonna go for a 1000 lb dead. Anybody know anything?


I heard Diesel Weasel beat him to it!





It burns!


Considering he pulled in the low 800s, I think 815 or 826, I would say he is a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG way form a grand. Those last 200 lbs aint no joke. But it is a good marketing stunt.

And DW hitched his grand and was DQ'd


andy bolton is closing in on 1000

he's still actually quite a ways away


Didn't Bolton pull in the mid-high 900's at the Arnold? I remember he blew through the lift.


Bolton has the DL record. Mendelson BP'd 1008 that shocked the shit out of me. Good for both of them.


I was doing some reading on the arnold and it says...

Does a shirt have the ability to assist over 200lbs?


He didn't even come close to getting 1014 at the Arnold when they didn' allow his spotters to help him take the bar to his chest.

He also had problems touching 1031 at the FitExpo. That just seems a bit ridiculous.



Well, seeing as how his raw is on record as being 715, after he had trained for it and did it in competition, and his best in a shirt is 1008, I'd say that he has the ability to get almost 300 lbs out of his shirt.

And by the way, Bolton pulled 971 at the arnold AFTER he had already subtotaled somewhere between 1800-2000, so I would say he's not that far off at all, especially considering he and benedikt have pushed the record up by, what? Some 30, 40 odd lbs in less than a year.


You bet, triple ply denim ain't no joke. I personally haven't used it, but I've witnessed their use and even been told that you literally have to pull the bar down to get a touch. All that aside, there's not many people that can 2 or 3 board press a grand.


Exactly, it's still a freakin' grand above your chest.


I garauntee you there is NO ONE in the world who can 3 board press 1000 lbs. that would mean their raw bench would be around 900ish. I'd liek to see someone try to 3 board press a grand though. LOL, i'm sick!! They'd get crushed


okay, I just have a little quirk with the bench shirts deal...

If you can't bench press the weight raw, why bother finding outside mechanical assistance pieces to help you move more weight?

Because, you know, if I hook up a pulley system to the back of my suv, and hook it onto a bar, I bet I could "squat" around 5,000 pounds. Granted, it's not me that's lifting 4,500 of those pounds, but it's going up, right?

That's a slightly retarded example, but if you bench press with a shirt that adds 300 lbs to your bench, then you can't bench that much, the shirt can.

And I understand it takes skill and practice to learn how to use powerlifting equipment properly, and some of it is for safety's sake, but I just don't get the bench shirt deal. What's next, a 30 ply shirt that enables you to bench 3,000 pounds, but you take the shirt off and you can only do 500?


Interesting about the shirt, I was just trying to see one. Having never watched heavy bench competitions I was interested that a shirt could have a 300 lb effect on a lift!


I'm not knocking people who use equipment but, by and large, I agree with you. It seems that lifters aren't getting stronger as much as the equipment that gettting better. Someone here once posted a statistic that, if it's true, says it all. The stat was something like 13 bench press records have been broken in the past ten years but only 3 have been broken in the deadlift. Since the deadlift is influenced the least of the big three by euqipment what does that say about the sport's progress? Where does performance stop and mechanical assistance begin?

Again, before PL'ers get all pissed, I'm not knocking the hard work they put in. I just think the sport may have stagnated because some lifters may have become too reliant on gear to move the bar.


I think Inzer is working on that


The whole bench shirt discusion has been beat to death. Equipment is part of powerlifting,get over it. IMO.... 715 RAW and 1008 equipped( both done by Scott mendelson) is equally impressive. You still have to lock out the weight.


all you need to do is look at raw records and compare them to official records that were set prior to assistance through equipment.