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Johnnie Jackson DL Meet


JJ currently training with Josh Bryant and will be competing in the Raw Unity Deadlift Competition on Sunday January 22, 2012. if anyone's interested


These did not look like "speed" deadlifts at all... more like regular rep work.
Also, this is the first time I've seen footage of a big deadlifter doing glute bridges / hip thrusts haha, damn.

Cool video - I hope he gets 800 on Sunday...


That poor 45 degree hyper bench looked like it was about to collapse.


Johnnie Jackson is bad ass! I love his work ethic and attitude. He looks awesome too.


Ain't it funny that this guy, obviously using AAS, has the same deadlift as StormTheBeach?


Is that at Metroflex?



Yes it is.


any update on how he did today?


How did Storm do at the Olympia?


Johnnie pulled 832 lbs. Go to 01:29.00 or so on the RAW Unity Meet 5 video here..


way to break the chain


Thats just badass.


ha X2

Storm is cool as fuck but come on now, there is no comparing him to jackson + Jackson pulls that raw. Lastly he is mainly a BBer so dont compare his AAS use to that of a PLers or Strongmans