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Johnnie Jackson Ben White


1.35 made me laugh
"you deadlift 650? im opening up 800"


lol that was some good shit. TBH I don't even care who wins,
I just want to watch it for the entertainment value with all the shit talking.


I just like Johnnie Jackson, I don't care if he will never win an O, that is a cool dude. And I personally think he has an awesome physique, he and Dugdale are 2 of the few pros I can look at and actually think that yes I would want to look like that.


Haha nice!

So its a push-pull thing? They should do one more lift to make it interesting..


Jonnie better win.


Hahaha this is gonna be great.

I'm goin for Ben just because i've actually met him and he's from around my area I believe.


Why does it need a 3rd lift to be interesting ? It isn't a meet, its an exhibition between two strong bastards built like brick shit houses.

Best Olympia Weekend Ever.


Man johnnie made ben look like an asshole


Besides, lots of powerlifters don't really do all of the big 3 every single meet... Many do 2 lifts and just push/pull/squat the bar on the third.

Not that this is important or anything...

Ben White has imo more of a chance to make an impact as a bodybuilder than Jackson, but Johnnie should be the better powerlifter overall, esp. considering his low bodyweight...


I have Johnnie's training vid in now and the dude trains his ass off. He is one of those who takes very short rest periods....something that would cause me to pass out before the fucking workout was done if I tried that...and he's doing it with serious weight.

He stated he actually may need to back off of the deadlifts or direct trap work because his traps are overpowering everything else.


yeah yeah I get that it just seems obvious that JJ is way stronger in the deadlift and Ben's the stronger bencher. But its still awesome tho. And cool that they make a little drama like this.


I'm so excited, they both will get the recognition they deserve this way.


<--- rooting for Johnnie


Second. Johnnie Jackson has always been my favorite BB'er. Dude has, what I believe, to be my ideal aesthetic. If not bigger. :slightly_smiling:


JJ all the way, ben has some catching up to do