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I wonder what kind of pr campaign the Kerry camp is going to use to negate this dudes sour puss of a face?


Really all he'll ever need is "Vote for me, I'm not that lying stupid piece of shit Bush".

Oh, and Ash-hole is in ICU with pancreatitis because of his habit of eating jelly beans while enjoying his weekly "hands free" prostate massage.



You have some real anger issues! Personally, I have never felt as strongly as you about a person that I have never met.


Lol, tme. Great second paragraph. Who is the 'doer', Rummy? See, Martha, there are some left wing perverts worth saving!


ptr, you are a model christian



They all take turns, based on a coin toss, who gets to be "do-ers" and "do-ees". Rummy, Karl "The Tongue" Rove, Dickhead Cheney, even Gonorrhea Rice gets a turn with her favorite "knobby" strap-on (she'd rather catch than throw, but you gotta take what get. Especially after the boys took away her two-headed coin).


tme: ROFL!!!



I am new to this forum. I ran across your post and was quite disturbed. You should be ashamed of yourself. The man is in the I.C.U. That is not funny. Disagree with his policies. Do not make jokes about a man in critical condition.

I hope your nude pictures make it to the internet so that I can laugh.


I can see the ad campaign now...

"Vote for Kerry. He can read...."


Moisture: are you a female? I certainly hope so with a user name like that. If so, send me some nude pics and I'll send you some of mine. Laugh or drool, your call. If you're not female, check out M and Tribex, maybe that will help with your moisture problems.

I kind of have mixed feelings on Asscroft. On one hand I don't want to wish ill on any man and hope he has a full and speedy recovery. On the other hand, he's on the list of the top 10 biggest assholes ever in the history of this country. We'd all be much better off if he chose not to return to office. Maybe if we're lucky he'll retire and go back to raising stub tailed pygmy mules on his farm in Missouri (he tried sheep, but I guess the mules tend to push back a little harder).



When you graduate from Harvard and Yale (as Bush did) then you can poke fun of Bush's supposed lack of intellect. (which is a pure media play).


You're absolutely right, ZEB. Dubya earned those degrees all by himself. The fact that daddy was a rich alum had absolutely nothing to do with it. He worked really, really hard and didn't party at all. No strings were pulled, checks written, chips cashed, just nothing but sweat and hard work.

By the way ZEB, would you mind if I mailed you a catalog? I have several bridges and some wonderful beachfront property that you might be interested in.



Kerry does have sort of a horse face huh? Maybe they could do something with the old "Mr. Ed" TV show theme song.


Looks like Tme beat me to it. I can't believe you can be so naive to think Bush graduated from those school on his own merit and that Bush's lack of intelligence is a "media play".
Are you telling me those clips that everyone hears of him making up his own words are fake?
When I heard G.W. say that he spoke "Mexican" I wasnt really hearing G.W?
It was all a conspiracy by the liberal media? LMAO.


tme and facelock,

It's really easy to cast aspersions regarding Bush's college days. Hey, why not, it's easy and best of all you don't like him. (To do otherwise would show restraint and character). Did he have to work as hard as all the other students?

If you know anything about top ranked colleges, you know that you either have to be a child of an Alumni, or almost gifted, to attend. How was he different from the others? He wasn't!

Bush's father was a Yale Alum, and no doubt he got into Yale because of that, as did tens of thousands of others. However, if you think that the demanding and arrogant professors at Yale gave him passing grades, and did not make him work up to standard you are mistaken! (you also never met anyone who attended Yale). If either of you have attended college (not trying to be sarcastic, but I have no idea of your ages, backgrounds, etc), then you know that most professors in any school feel that their course is the most important and they will not sacrifice their standards for anything! nor, by the way, would they be asked to! So who got "paid off"? How did the whole thing work? Explain it to all of us please!

If that were the case then the chideren of all of the offspring whoever attended Yale would not have to work either! Do you realize how many offspring of the powerful and rich attend these schools? Bush was one of many. Get real! Your liberal based theory has no merit!

Also, I do not beleive that Bush's father ever attended Harvard, so how did he pull that one off? A business degree from Harvard (largely a bastion of liberalism by the way), is not gotten easily, regardless of message board banter. I think that some on this thread (nd country) hate Bush (for no good reason) so much that they grasp desperately at any sort of innuendo. Some have created their own little world of facts and then just stick to them. Hell, it's a lot easier than actually thinking!

Finally, I wonder if each of you were as interested in all of the innuendo about Bill Clinton and his various illegal escapades. The alleged rape of Wanita Broderick. His leaving the country to avoid the draft. The White Water scandal, the various military debacles etc.. I have no idea if any of this is true, (nor do I think it is worth discussing, I only mention it to make a point), but I wonder if you were as concerned about these "rumors" as you are the Bush stories, or is this just politics as usual? "Whatever, my guy does, or did, matters not, but your guy is horrible!" (Yawn).

"It's not what you don't know that bothers me. It's what you think you know that just isn't true that is disturbing!"


danh...I thought you didn't believe in Christianity????...how can you critisize something you don't believe in?

ps..the original title I had for this post was "John "whythelongface" Kerry...his face is the subject of much talk on the airwaves...so no..I cannot take credit for that one!


tme..I agree with another poster..don't take glee in someone's bad health when they are in critical condition. NOT cool...NOT T-nation mentality!!! Karma dude...KARMA!!!!


I give Kerry his props for his military service. On the other had I really question what he has done in the last 18 or 19 years. I can respect a man who stands by his convictions even if I disagree. I also object to the idea that he is a common man. He?s married to the Heinz heiress and he rides his Harley while wearing loafers.

Me Solomon Grundy


Actually tme..I was thinking...for that un T-nation spirit...speaking ill of someone's health when their life is in perile...you and others should really be BANISHED FORTHWITH FROM THE KINGDOM OF T-NATION! NOTHING in the pledge of a T nation member entails the type of trype you and others are spewing about someone's health misfortune!


Ptr, what an angry young man you are.