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John Rusin's FHT Programs Are Legit


I wanted to post some before and after pics while doing John Rusin’s FHT programs. He provides a lot of. I’ve articles on this website and hit programs are awesome. Most of my lifting over the years have been 5/3/1 and based on strength. After switching over to both the FHT and FHT 2 program I have been able to add a good amount of muscle to my body, gain some strength and also lose a considerable amount of body fat. Along with that my shoulders, knees, and lower back feel amazing based on his training principles. My arms have increased by almost an inch and my waist has gone done as well.

I highly recommend his program to anyone who is looking for some solid results in size , strength and body composition.

Started at
193 pounds , ended at 188 pounds
33 years old
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Sorry the pics didn’t come through


I love the guy. I think he’s putting out the most consistently interesting content these days by far.


I agree. Ran FHT once already I am fixing to run it again with focus on fat loss.