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John Ruiz is a Whiny Little Bitch!

I know a lot of people on this site won’t be interested enough in boxing to care about this, but I had to post it.

Ruiz sues Toney for $10M!

WBA heavyweight champion John Ruiz has filed a $10 million lawsuit against contender James Toney according to the Boston Globe. Ruiz argues that Toney would not have defeated him without the use of an illegal annabolic steroid and asserts that Toney’s use of Nandrolone and allegedly defaming statements after the fight have caused him significant financial damage and damage to his reputation, which impact his ability to make a living in boxing. Toney defeated Ruiz by decision in April, but the bout was declared a no-contest ten days later after Toney failed his post-match drug test. The paper states that Ruiz’s suit is believed to be the first case of one professional athlete suing another for using performance-enhancing drugs.

LOL!! I am at a loss for words.

Ya I say STFU and start rebuilding your rep yourself…I mean the heavyweight division is so pathetic as it is he should be able to come back and get some money fights.

The most corrupt sport that there is, and someone is suing for steroids. Ironic.

Why don’t they just let them duke it out like men?

oh, wait. hmm. nevermind.