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John Meadows And Prime Nutrition

just seen the fall out from the John Meadows and prime nutrition story.this guy loved the Biotest stuff like Plazma and Mag- 10.so did he really love the biotest products or was he chasing the money from prime???

there were differences with Meadows and Biotest. It was a much needed split. The prime incident was unfortunate bc Meadows is a man of integrity and Prime was dishonest with him and his product. Meadows said he has things in the works and more than likely will be his own personal line to avoid any 3rd party wrongdoings. Stay tuned

Why has Biotest no high profile bodybuilders promoting there high quality products?

With most products it comes down to money and politics ahead of quality. Meadows puts quality above the former. Very unique and respectable face in the bodybuilding arena

They do in fact have world class body builders and power lifters sponsored, and they both started here on T Nation many years ago (Mark Dugdale and Amit Sapir)

They only sponsor “home grown” people who have used the products already and vouch for them, instead of finding some guy with no affiliation to pay and hawk the products he doesn’t use.


Long story short John had the products affiliated with his name personally tested at his own expense and it turned out they were only putting in like a quarter of the label claims for the most expensive ingredients.

He’s a guy of integrity and has helped a lot of people on this site…

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I always thought it was a little weird for John to leave Biotest (or whatever happened) and then he essentially went and made the same product (at least marketed that way) for another company.

I’m sure there are 10 things I don’t know about the situation, but it was always a little weird to me.

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So what do you guys conclude when you look back at the youtube videos of John endorsing the product and talking about all the great results he’s getting with the product?

Assuming he’s an honest guy…which I do believe…you can only come to two conclusions about the effectiveness of this type of intraworkout supplement:


1.) It wasn’t actually helping his workouts/growth at all and he just thought it was


2.) It was helping his workouts like he thought, but the outcome was only the result of a massive placebo effect

Product was likely dosed appropriately at one point, then people starting asking about it because it wasn’t working like it used to which prompted him to get it tested

Owners of Prime trying to squeeze more money out of the product, John and the customers got wise eventually.

Not likely. Meadows is dialed in really well on what works and what doesn’t.

What occurred to me was what happened at a company I worked at a long time ago. The owner was running two shops. Shop #1 was the good shop. All of the business that went through there was legit, with happy customers. Shop #2 was a dirty shop. A very big portion of the business that went through there got scammed.

This obfuscated the scam, because on one side you have a whole bunch of happy customers willing to vouch for your product. On the other you have a bunch of people saying they got scammed. This is selective scamming.

It would be very easy to do with supps because some people are going to get great results and be happy no matter what, and some will be unhappy no matter what.

But this is just speculation.