John McEnroe and Steroids

I am shock no one put this thread in yet either so what are your thought on the MAC attack on roids when he was a tennis star.

I don’t doubt it but the media seems to. Just because he doesn’t look like Barry Bonds. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t be on roids. I love it when people talk about steriods and they don’t know shit about them.

There are so many diffrent kinds of steriods. and when you get to a certian level I think you are almost force to take them. Such as a pro tennis player, NFL, NBA, Olympics, MBL Pro Bodybuilding ect.

what your thoughts on this?

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Silas C.

From what I understand, he was referring to Prednisone. that doesnt count.

So those hissy little temper tantrums of his were in fact ‘roid rage’ Priceless!

It doesn’t really suprise me one bit though. As you say I don’t think there are many athletes at the top of they’re game that don’t use.

Well, the problem is bodybuilders are the most visible users and strength athletes are the most accused ( how many times have you heard, “ohh the guys from the east won because they abuse steroids”). But every sport has it?s performance enhancement drugs.

Long distance runners and cyclists abuse Deca, but as they aren?t buff, no one believes it. Or worst, they do abuse anphetamines.

And it?s not just the elite. At the amateur level the abuse it?s the same or worse, as they lack of decent “trainers”, drugs tests, etc.

Hell no…not AAS. He is a has been, wants to keep his name in the news and wants to sell his book. Bottom line total BS.

Goldberg- From the reports that I been hearing. He didn’t know what the hell he was taking. In any event eventhough he was a 110lbs soak and wet he still could have been on roids. And if he was using Prednisone thats catabolic to your body. I don’t think he could have played well if he was on that. It kills your joints among other things. I know I taking that now for chemo.

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Silas C.

I don’t know what American sports are like, but I have been involved working with a top rugby team in NZ (who happened to win the Super 12 with only one loss in the entire season) and these guys certainly are not steroid users. There was compulsory testing by doping officials and they seemed to have very strict protocol.

Most of these guys are world class athletes too, I know American guys tend to look at other sports and say that they are less athletic than NFL players but some of the guys like Rupeni Caucaunibuca and Joe Rokocoko would match any running back or wide receiver for power and speed - and I know these guys don’t use.

It was prednisone. He used it for anti inflammatory purposes. I am aware of the effects of prednisone Fitone.

John McEnroe confirmed to that he unknowingly took steroids for six years, clarifying that he received the drugs as painkillers, not as performance-enhancers.

McEnroe, who won seven Grand Slam titles, earlier told a British newspaper he was unaware he was being given a form of steroid. The distinction between painkillers and performance-enhancers wasn’t made by the reporter, he said.

“Let me be clear,” McEnroe told “They were anti-inflammatories.”

McEnroe, named to host a prime-time show on CNBC, said he was given two drugs: butazolidin and prednisone.

The whole thing is retarded. The media doesn’t know what the hell a steroid is and as soon as they hear the word they act like they have a hot story.

Somebody tell the media that cholesterol is a steroid and watch the media do a friggin back flip and trip over its self in an attempt to break the news. I can see it now, “McEnroe Ate a Cheeseburger, Steroid.”

Goldberg thanks for the clarification that they were anti-inflammatories he was taking.

Goldberg thanks for the clarification that they were anti-inflammatories he was taking.

Anderson: right on man!

GabrielPG: You took the words right out of my mouth. Written more clearly than I could, too.