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John McCain's Speech


Great discussion on Sarah Palin's speech; now its time for the Top of the Ticket.

As I write this, McCain speaks in about an hour.

The campaign has said that McCain is MUCH more comfortable in the "Town Meeting" setting, so he has had the podium and stage moved more among the delegates.

On a personal note, McCain's job tonight (I think) is to deliver HIS message of change; how he plans to do it; and above all, keep the momentum that Gulliani and Palin gave him.

See you guys in a couple of hours!



He's better without a teleprompter.


Nothing wrong with it but not spectacular. The message was good but not detailed and not particularly inspiring. The part about education was the best.

All and all it was about what I expected from him.


It was no where near Palin's speech. I have never been impressed with his oratory skills and he has never been known for being particularly charismatic.

So it was about the best he could do with the teleprompter.


I'd give him B-. Sarah gets an even A.


I really don't know what I think about the success this had with reaching the undecideds who it was clearly aimed at much more than Palin's speech was.

Scripted elocution is not his forte. He's the opposite of Obama in that regard. Mccain is better in informal settings like the Saddleback meeting.


Expect T. Boone Pickens to endorse him around Oct 1st on energy plans.


My observations:

1) Cindy seems sincere, but it was sort of a "debutante/Miss America" speech. (I was waiting for her to say "...and I hope for World Peace...")

She was even dressed like Jackie Kennedy, which was interesting.

I don't think her "introduction"? helped much.

2) John McCain seemed uncomfortable at times; and yes, he is not a great orator.

But I was left with the feeling of an honest, sincere, admirable man ready to go to work for his Country and to serve a cause greater than himself.

I think the GOP comes out of this convention on the "plus" side.



True. He did the best he could...he coasted with Palin's momentum and didn't lose ground.


pwillams brings up a GREAT point.

He didn't LOSE any of the momentum.

Question for you guys:

Could you IMAGINE what a dud of convention this would have been with say a "McCain/Liberman" ticket?

Again; what a stroke of genius by McCain to pick Palin.



The debates are more important.


Yes, huge loser-snoozer, but is wasn't in Karl Rove's plan. He contacted Palin 2 months ago about the VP slot and I'm sure he's behind the T. Boone Pickens angle also.

I have a couple questions. What if McCain dies tomorrow? Can Palin run for POTUS, or does it fall back on Romney?

Also, if McCain dies after being sworn in, does she finish that term and possibly get 2 more after that or does the partial term count as 1 term in the 2 term limit? Granted, she has a lot to prove to get to that point, but...



I'm one of those "undecideds" that a lot of pundits seem to think don't exist.

I tend to be VERY private about sharing a lot of things, especially on the Internet; but after the election, I think that I would really like to share with you guys some thoughts from an "undecided" going into the conventions.





I'm sure that our laws have answers to those questions. I'm just not up on them.

I'd be interested to hear the answers from someone who understands those laws better.



Quite so and makes my initial kneejerk reaction very wrong.

Let's not forget Kerry was up by double digits consistently at this point. We're still way out and an untold number of things can still happen.

I do believe Mccain is genuine. I do believe he hasn't forgotten what it was like in Hanoi and that it still drives what he does to a significant degree. I can see it in his eyes when he talks about it.


It's like picking between a Toyota Camry or a Chevy Silverado. I mean, how can you be undecided? The two couldn't be more different, what's to be undecided about? Obviously not voting on issues....


By using that analogy,you answered your own question...


Sure thing.

My problem is, once I get going on this stuff I get stuck which is why I tried to never be in here before. It is the homestretch though so I gave in.



There is no "obvious" in any Election; just a lot of people blowing smoke up your ass and telling you "Vote for me, and I'll set you Free..."

And both parties make issues about as clear as mud.

So if you had already made up your mind, cool; but don't tell me what I'm basing or not basing my decision on.



If Palin serves more than half of McCain's elected term, she can only be elected for one more term.

If McCain passes after the two-year mark -- the half-way point -- of his term, Palin can be elected for two more terms.