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John Mark Carr and Duke LaCrosse


Anyone know why charges were dropped pretty quickly against the sicko in the JB Ramsey case, yet the charges are still out there w/regard to the Duke players? In each case, DNA exonerates the accused. Why are the players still being hounded? Seems pretty bizarre to me.



with Kar his ex-wife and family had evidence that he was in Atlanta on the day of the murder, that with the Lack of evidence is why he was let go, and with the Duke lacross case......your guess is as good as mine


Check out this week's New Yorker; there's a great article about the Duke case.

It seems pretty clear that the stripper was lying about the incident -- she changed her story over and over, her stripping partner who was with her all night basically said she's full of shit, one of the arrested players was in a cab on his cell phone at the time of the alleged attack, etc. -- but there are lots of external issues that have complicated matters: racial politics and tensions, class politics and tensions, tensions about Duke's identity (jocks vs. nerds), and, probably most important, the DA's desire to win the coming election.


The DA thinks he will get more votes by not letting the rich white boys get away with it. That they probably didn't do it doesn't matter.

It is in the legal system now. The truth has nothing to do with it.


The DA in the Duke case is running for re-election, and wants all the votes he can get from the surrounding community.

The DA in Colorado is not running for re-election. This year.


The Duke kids are rich and Carr is a liar.