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John Marco Allegro and Others


Anyone have any thoughts on the whole Jesus/Christianity and mushrooms thing? I recently stumbled upon it. I find it very intersting.

  • The description of Mana

  • Art work portraying Jesus with mushrooms.

  • There are several publications that discuss the theory that the sacrament of Christ (his flesh and blood) was actually a symbolic encryption for the amanita muscaria mushroom and mushroom tea, which would also explain how Jesus "turned water into wine." Individual who ingests an enormous dose of amanita muscaria mushrooms, enter a gold dimension with a gold sphere hovering in the air. If there are other people in the room with you while you are in this gold dimension, the only part of their body that you will be able to perceive is their head which will appear to be floating.

(I have experienced this)

  • A theory has been proposed that the Holy Grail is another symbolic encryption for the amanita muscaria mushroom. The shape of a fully grown amanita muscaria mushroom is shaped like a cup and looks very much like the Holy Grail. The gold color of the Holy Grail could be symbolic for the gold dimension of the amanita muscaria breakthrough experience.

-Allegro drew on some strange evidence to support his theory. He argues that the fresco in the 13th Century chapel of Plaincourault in France clearly shows Adam and Eve next to a tree made of large Amanita muscaria mushrooms. The serpent can be seen coiling around the tree. It seems strange that this mushroom would be depicted in arguably the most famous story in the Bible.

-Terence McKenna in Food of the Gods also claims that the fruit which Adam and Eve ate from was a symbol for a psychedelic mushroom, since it gave them â??knowledgeâ?? (e.g. that they were naked) which they didn't previously have.

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Utter fantasy. A figment of McKenna’s imagination.

“Surely the fact that Terence McKenna says that the psilocybin mushroom ‘is the megaphone used by an alien, intergalactic Other to communicate with mankind’ is enough for us to wonder if taking LSD has done something to his mental faculties” - Judy Corman, vice president of Phoenix House(drug rehab centre) of New York.


Who can argue w/ this?