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John M. Berardi's Massive Eating diet and strength gains?

Hi John & everybody else!

I just recently took Massive Eating for a test ride and my results got better, not anything magical, just a few reps more and for some lifts a few kg’s more. I also noticed that there is just a tiny little bit less fatigue and soreness after training?

Is this something that all of you have experienced or is it just me? The funny thing is that I’m playing around with a fat loss version proportions being 40% carbs, 30% fats and protein ( almost like a Zone diet?) and daily intake being around 3400 cals.

Also a question for John: is Massive Eating something you would recommend for somebody who has had a cardiac arrest (no, not me but a close relative...)? I mean that mr. Sears is convinced that Zone is very good for heart conditions...would Massive Eating guidelines be even better? Both Zone and Massive Eating being quite far from something that American Heart Association or Finnish Heart Association recommend (oh yes, I'm from Finland, the land of ice and snow and TC's ancestry...)?

Any response is greatly appreciated.

Oh and by the way, I understand that this sounds a bit like asking for medical advice. I do however think that I’m responsible for my actions and I do not hold anybody liable for anything should they answer either of the questions…let’s just say I’m curious…

And any response is still greatly appreciated.