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John M Berardis Get Buffed Newsletter Interview Questions

I just read your interview in the new Get Buffed Newsletter, and I saw your recomendations on utilizing the insulin index of foods as well as the glycemic index. Where could I find a list of insulin indexes of various foods?? Also, I saw your guidelines for improving insulin sensitivity and you recomend taking 600mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid a day. Will more increase insulin sensitivity or is 600 mg the effective upper limit with more producing minimal increases in insulin sensitivity. One more thing, you also stated that in order to really concentrate on increasing insulin senstivity, that you should preform aerobics and weightlifting seperately, are they seperated by different days or seperated by different times in the same day?? Thanks for all of your help!!!

I too am interested in the insulin index. I am a type 1 diabetic, and I think I could set upa diet like you mentioned John. I read somewhere here that John does his cardio after the weights in the same session. For insulin sensitivity, you would perform weights and cardio the same day. Cardio-morning and weights-evening. I appreciate the info, John.

I haven’t heard about this, where do you sign up, and how much is it a month?

The article you mention will be on t-mag soon as well. You can obtain an insulin index listing in the following journal:

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Volume 66 page 1264 1997. The authors were Holt, Miller, and Petocz. There isnt too much known about it yet but what you find will be a start.

In addition, for maximization of insulin sensitivity, cardio done at different times during the same day or on different days would be good. Think of it this way...each training session will promote a good couple of hours of insulin sensitivity. Nutrients taken in during these times will mostly be shuttled to muscle cells and not fat. So the more sessions per day, the better the sensitivity.

You gotta balance the benefits of this with the potential catabolism though. So dont get crazy. Play around with this and learn how your body responds. I do my cardio after wts for time efficiency. I am very sensitive naturally so I dont need the separate sessions.

In addition, using ALA at 600mg is the max dose. Taking more could be harmful.

Mike Smith, go to Ian King’s web site and sign up. He has a few newsletters that are free! Check it out, as Ian has some great stuff.

John, thanks for your speedy informative response!!! I have on more question. It has been stated that high fiber diets increase insulin sensitivity. Would taking a fiber supplement aloung with your carb/protein further increase insulin sensivity by slowing digestion even further???

JB…great follow-up article this week, big guy. I’m looking forward to doing the glucometer testing tomorrow morning–my mother works in a doctor’s office:-) I’m looking forward to reading the interview also, as I get Coach King’s newsletters. And I’m pumped about you sending me off to the library to do some research on the insulin index (can’t get enough these days). I appreciate you addressing my individual questions, as well as taking the time to address other questions posed by fellow T-maggers. You’re definitely Tru 2 Da Game I do have a question for you (don’t want to bombard you though): you made some recommendations/sample meals for the eating plan, but these meals don’t seem to be quite calorically dense enough for my needs (~4000 calories/day). So, I was wondering if there was a threshold as to the carb:protein and/or fat:protein ratio per meal? For example, should only a certain amount of carbs or fat be consumed in one sitting and just expand the number of meals? I know the samples were just that–to give a general idea as the composition of meals, but if I’m shooting for 4000 per day, am I good to go to throw in a couple 700 calorie meals? Thanks, JB.

Can someone post a link to Ian King’s site? Thanks

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Ian Kings site is kingsports.net.

More meals buddy! I do 7-8 to decrease caloric density.

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