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John M Berardi

I don’t want to waste any of your time but I felt that I needed to express to you that I feel like a jerk! Until reading a post on here where you explained that you’re at UWO I thought that you must have been at some big time school in the States. You see I’m a senior in high school and intend on taking nutritional sciences in the fall. I’ve applied to Ryerson, Waterloo, and my home university UWO. I didn’t recieve much guidance from my counsellors in this feild so I fended for myself and those 3 seemed to be the most appropriate. I’ve actually got about a million questions for you concerning programs (schools) and how well they might/might not prepare me for my future endeavors. However, I’ll wait to see if you respond before I bother you with any.

If you live in London it might be easier if you were to come to my Lab. Find my email at the end of my articles and send me one. If you want, we can meet and discuss your college plans.

Other than the huge smile on my face, I don’t know what to say! I certainly will do so and am very appreciative of the offer!