John Kerry

“I actually did vote for his $87 billion, before I voted against it”

John Kerry made this statement yesterday. I found this quote in the Washington Post.

Do Democrats expect us to take this man seriously? Oh, my.

Personally I despise Kerry. He is a coward who abandoned his crew in Vietnam to get his own wealthy Boston Brahmin ass to safety and covered it up by hooking up with great patriots like Hanoi Jane. However, if anyone were to analyze every word that we said ourselves every day, we would all look like fools. Bushisms, Libisms, Kerryisms, etc. are not worth the time it takes to repeat them.

Moisture, you should’ve put that one in the Lib-isms thread…it’s a good one.

"After Mr. Cheney’s speech, the Kerry campaign issued a rebuttal, calling Mr. Cheney “the wrong man to challenge John Kerry on defense.” Aides to Mr. Kerry found quotations that showed Mr. Cheney expressing varying views over the years, including advocating cutting some of the same weapons systems that Mr. Cheney was faulting Mr. Kerry for wanting to cut.

Moreover, the Kerry aides said, the Bush administration did send troops to Iraq without proper equipment. And they noted that the Pentagon in the summer of 2003 sought to hold down growth in pay and benefits, saying the budget could not sustain higher salaries for the military."

Right Side Up,
What’s weird is that although Rumsfeld’s optimistic projections put soldiers in the field without body armor where it turned out there was major insurgency, Kerry voted against the money that would get them the body armor while they were in the field. That makes Kerry’s disregard of the troops in ACTUAL dire need of protection even more egregious than Rumsfeld, whose THEORETICAL nonsense proved to imperil them.

Cheney advocated similar cuts for SOME of the weapons systems in favors of others which Kerry did not support. And of course a few of Kerry’s defense cuts to individual weapons systems were not unreasonable and supported by many members of the Senate.

Can’t speak to the issue of military pay. Do they usually give raises during a war? (On the other hand, do they usually lower taxes?)