John Kerry..Unamerican Hero

Yeah, I know GW has some unanswered questions but visit this site if you want the truth on Kerry.

The Sea Wolves used to run interference for the Swifties and PBR’s when we weren’t involved elsewhere and I don’t know of any single Swifty who would have had EVER voluntarily left his crew over there. It wasn’t done, period.

However, if you’re a dove and love the Kennedyesque type of paternalism and the crumbs they throw the serfs, then this is your man. Go for it. His middle name isn’t Forbes by coincidence.

BTW, one shouldn’t question GW’s courage as you have no idea of the courage it takes to fly an F102. It is the most unstable aircraft that ever attempted to fly.

Too bad we can’t have McCain.

I agree, too bad we can’t have McCain.

If there were only a candidate espousing personal freedoms and rule of law I would quit my job and work on his campaign.

Ditto, except the quitting my job part.

McCain? Haha, look closely into his eyes the next time he is on a rant.


Unbelievable. Karl Rove must be thinking, “This is the best that they can do. What an insult.” He is about to go against the A team. I almost feel sorry for him.

hillary/billyboy/algore/jerrynadler in 2004!!!

Yes, too bad McCain isn’t president now. Bush’s dirty tricks crew cut McCain’s legs out from under him during the GOP primaries last time.

I’m sure we’ll see some good skullduggery from these “patriots” in the 2004 campaign.

What? Lumpy Bush bashing? Can’t be…

Bush is such an incompetent buffoon, he practically bashes himself.

Hey, why is Dubya hiding from the press? He hasn’t given a press conference in ages. What’s he afraid of? I mean really. Why is he hiding from reporters?

Sure, he did Tim Russert’s show, but that was one-on-one. Even so, he flubbed that one real bad.

Why can’t Bush make an unscripted public appearance where he doesn’t read off of cue cards?


You are so blinded by hate you push everyone away from your point of view! I feel compelled to defend Bush, even though he was not my first choice for President.

He does a two hour one on one interview with the host of Meet the Press and you accuse him of hiding. Haha, see how blinded you are? Were you scared by a Republican when you were a child?

Come on Lumpy, if you want to persuade others to your point of view you have to use some finesse.

apparently some of the pictures on that website are doctored. PHOTOSHOP, and there is an article in NYT quoting McCain as saying that the guy that runs that site is a dispicable human being.

I hate to say it, but as far as Kerry goes, I wouldn’t hit it. That is one ugly man.

The New York Times an incredibly liberally-biased newspaper, so I would expect something like that from them.

True about the times, but they were quoting Jon McCain, a republican. An indepenent minded republican but a republican nonetheless.

Meet the Press is a one hour show, not two hours. Maybe you should watch it sometime, it’s a pretty good show.

Bush told a couple of fibs during the show that Tim Russert let slide. If he wanted to, he could have dogged the hell out of Bush with follow-up questions. As it was, he pretty much let Bush have his say and then move to the next topic. The transcripts are on line BTW.

I also like C-SPAN to keep up with what is happening with Congress. Rather than have a ‘news reader’ rehash soundbites of what someone said, you can hear it straight from the source.

Even more interesting, check out this post from Professor Stephen Bainbridge of UCLA Law School, from his personal web page, on John Kerry’s fake populism:

Special Interests: The Dichotomy Between What Kerry Says and What Kerry Does
John Kerry’s victory speech typically concludes with a now famous line:

I have a special message for the special interests that have a home in the Bush White House: We’re coming, you’re going, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Curiously, however, we learn from today’s WSJ ($) that Kerry is hitting up Wall Street special interests for big money:

20 potential fund-raisers … had a private dinner with Mr. Kerry at the Hilton in New York earlier this month, after a big fund-raiser at the hotel. Among those who attended that event were hedge-fund manager James Chanos, who had been on Rep. Gephardt’s finance committee, and Richard Richman, a real-estate executive and investment banker who was a big fund-raiser for Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s failed presidential bid.

We also learn that behind closed doors Kerry is telling those special interests something very different from the populist spiel he uses on the stump:

Sen. Kerry’s courting of Wall Street is no cakewalk. He is using populist corporate-bashing rhetoric to woo the party’s liberal base, even as a campaign adviser privately sends the reassuring message that the senator actually is “pro-business” and will be “more nuanced going forward.”

Lying hypocrite. Few things in politics annoy me more than these phony patrician populists.