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John Edwards Indicted



How rich would it have been if he was elected president and have this happen?


Would it have happened?

I am sure there would have been calls for impeachment and a corresponding paper shredding epidemic by others.


Personally, I feel sorry for the guy. He lost the opportuntiyt to become President. His wife died of cancer and now he has legal problems. I'm not saying that he's not been his own worst enemy. But I still feel empathy for him in his current situation.


this is just politics as unusual, it isn't only in the US, but just inherent in politics.

I can't believe that we fall for this shit over and over, and everone thought this dickhead was a great guy...imagine if he was elected.

what a fucking douchebag -

I love this country, but hate our political process and all, not some but ALL the elected assfucks out there.

end rant/

btw...thanks for letting me vent, Max-


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I find it funny that his legal name is Johnny Reid Edwards.


I don't feel sorry for him at all. He's a spineless egotistical pretty boy with no moral compass who is now reaping the effects of his own stupid self-centered actions. What an embarrassment. I wish I could step on him like a bug.




Or, he's a flawed human being like the rest of us. But one who happened to be in a place where he was far more tempted than any of us will ever be. He fell and is now paying a steep price for his mistakes.

Seems like you have have a lot of hate there man.


No... people from Jersey just don't sugar coat how they feel.


We've all done stupid things, for sure. And paid the consequences. Sometimes we got off with a slap on the wrists and sometimes life(karma) knocks the crap out of us and we don't come to until the next decade. No slap on the wrists for pretty johnny boy. He'll be paying for the rest of his natural life.

Mindless numbnuts like our fair johnny leave a trail of pain because . . .
(a) they can't help it (they neglected to grow a spine bigger than their dick)
(b) they are blinded to everything except their own enjoyment and entitlement

You want a knucklehead like that holding public office?
Again, it's embarrassing that he got elected to anything.


I'm sorry, but the best part of this whole thing is the lady who leaked the affair is named Pigeon O'Brien....

And, what is up with all these extra-marital babies? There are so many ways to NOT get pregnant nowadays. You can't tell me the women weren't on birth control or the guys forgot the condoms.....


When did I ever say I wanted him to hold public office?


That sums it up nicely.


Someone named Pigeon? That is funny.

Anyway, I know it's hard to believe in this day and age, but there are still women out there that attempt to hook their man with a pregnancy. I agree, birth control just isn't that hard. That's why I believe there is intent behind it.

Speaking of intent, that's the key element that little johnny has to defend himself against. It will be an interesting case due to the lack of precedence in this kind of indictment.


I don't want him anywhere near public office.

But I also don't want legal authority abused and laws stretched in unpredictable ways just to punish him.

An informal slapping around by some of his late wife's relatives would be considerably less disturbing.


Isn't this the idiot that said owning a handgun is a privilege??


He should have worn a different shirt to testify.


When you have sex, sex usually leads to babies. And besides not having sex, nothing is absolutely fool proof.


Hold it, I thought the whole Roman Catholic thing was based on . . .