John Davies Is a Madman

I am currently in the process of going through the archives of T-Nation and am trying to read every single article. I have been reading the articles published by John Davies, and he is truly a madman. I looked at Renegade Bodybuilding and I don’t think I would be able to complete the workout that he gives for a given day, it just seems insane. Has anyone ever tried any of his programs? I definitely think I will try this in the near future and have it kick my ass.

Insane to regular people like us, but you should see the way olympians and pro athletes train. His regimines are the normality for these freaks.

I have generally been doing Waterbury routines since I found T-Nation and have gained some good size over the past 2-3 years. I finished the Waterbury routine about 2-3 weeks ago and am currently doing a bunch of GPP, bodyweight exericses, and rope jumping (because of work I don’t have access to a weight room for 4 weeks). After thanksgiving, I plan on bulking up for 2 months or so most likely doing TBT and P10 for chest and biceps. After that I really want to try Renegade bodybuilding by Davies to mix things up and get my conditioning really good. I would love to hear peoples experiences if they have tried this program.

I’ve done some of his programs that you can purchase. They are 2-3 times harder than anything on the site. Even the Renegade Bodybuilding program on T-Nation is slightly watered down from the original program.

Some of them work very well. I’ve used the mass program, the powerlifting program and a 6-month conditioning program. It’s not easy. But if you stick with it, you’ll probably be in the best shape of your life. However, depending on the program, you may lose some strength and size (I did on the conditioning program). And you may feel overtrained and beat up 24/7.

I’ve since done many Waterbury programs and am now on Westside. It suits my goals.

I’ve done fat to fire.

YOu’ll be hacking a lung after runnign this circuit…get ready for pain and with pain a very effective program.

You will be in excellent shape no doubt…but it’ll take it’s toll.

This was the closest I’ve ever came to puking in the weightroom…hunched over the spitoon barrel by the water fountain…breathing and feeling like I"m gonna go down.

Very effective though…so…if you want results…get er done.


I haven’t done his workouts to the T but I have fully embraced overhead squatting, the “bear”… I’m making it a goal to be able to do the “kip” he has shown in previous articles.

I’ve tried renegade bodybuilding and it was pretty tough. The Fat to Fire routines are some of the hardest programs I have tried on this site. But if you want a real gem you should order one of Davies personal programs. I ordered his boxing program about two years ago. And it was by far the best program I have ever tried. I was in the best shape of my life. Unless you are extremely self motivated I suggest getting a training partner if you are going to try one of Davies program. If you can endure the sweat and pain you will be very pleases with the results.