John Davies Ebook?

I just bought his book and am very confused. I dont understand how to put all of the different things together to make one workout. I dont even know how many times a week to lift. will someone who has read the book or knows about renegade training please help me. Im 15 years old and am a major noob to this renegade training stuff. I play baseball. please help me. thanks

John Davies has some interesting and some smart things to say. Program organization is not his strength.

Baseball is first about skills, then explosive strength, healthy shoulders, and rotational mobility.

You might want to PM Eric Cressey. My son does a lot of long toss, landmines, moderate deadlifts, pullups, sled drags, and strider sprints.

Which ebook did you purchase?

Some of them come with programs. Some only give all the elements of Renegade Training and guidelines as to what exercises to use (Focus Lifts, Supplemental lifts, Assistance lifts) and the set/rep schemes.

I’m versed in Renegade Training and have followed many of the programs and also have many of his books and ebooks. PM me or post your info/questions here.

Also, there are some programs on the ProSource forum written by John Davies (they are “watered” down versions of his real training programs - but they are still very good for someone new to Renegade Training).

Why don’t you just contact him yourself. I know a few years ago when I was using his stuff he was always very helpful to me.

SpinterOne i tried contacting him asking if he could explain the book to me by asking him simply how would i set up a workout using the lifts and stuff in your book i bought and here is his reply "Information that I have worked my life to create isn’t free or debatable. If you wish to join the club it is an extraordinary value and by far you’ll get within the training sector of Baseball.

Good luck.

In faith,

J. Davies"

I then contacted mr jon doyle and he told me to set it up like this
Dynamic warm-up/tumbling/hip mobility

Pick 3 focus lifts
Pick 4 supplemental lifts
2 FIX lifts (rotator cuff, there are pics in there)
Core holds
Static stretch

Is this good enough, performed 3 days aweek?

NATEDOGG - the book i bought is for here

QUick favor Nate, could you please semi explain to me renegade training and if u have this book help me out. u seem to know alot about this stuff and im dying for some help.
please man, thanks

That workout Jon Doyle sent you seems fine. Remember, the trick to making progress in training isn’t to find the perfect workout and do it to a T. It’s to find a workout and put all you have into it and commit to it. That is how you will make progress.

[quote]baseballplaya92 wrote:
Dynamic warm-up/tumbling/hip mobility[/quote]

Yes! Jon Doyle is right (I’ve also met him at a Renegade Seminar - good guy). Perform a dynamic warm-up using the exercises in the book (hurdle stuff, tumbling, spider lunges, etc. for 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps.

Yes. The ones listed in the ebook. Perform all for 4 sets of 6 reps with 40-65% of your 1RM.

Yes. Two should be supplemental lifts as listed in the book (Russian Jumps, Box squats, pullups or chinups, snatch-grip deadlifts, etc.). You peform 3 sets of 3-5 reps of 75-95% of your 1RM. The other two should be something like cuban presses, int/ext rotation or muscle snatches for 3 sets of 12 reps.

[quote]2 FIX lifts (rotator cuff, there are pics in there)

Core holds
Static stretch[/quote]

Yes. Just like what is listed in the book.

Be sure to use different exercises each day of the week. You can do this three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). On your “off” days you should perform “active rest” and this is the day you would perform the med ball exercises as listed in the ebook for 2-5 sets of about 5 throws each. I think there is an “A” routine and a “B” routine for med ball work. You can also perform some GPP on this day.

Here are some articles that show you how much of this would be structured. You can use this as a template as well.

Is there any other people out there that would help me with this renegade training preferably baseball. Any help would be tons appreciated. thanks guys, Matt. thanks already alot Nate dog, but i dont want to bombard u with a million ?S

For more baseball info, I would email Jon Doyle. He may be able to answer more of your questions related to baseball and training.

With the Diamonds ebook, you have all the pieces of the puzzle, but you just need to put them together to make the program work. Jon Doyle can help guide you better. I don’t know what the specific needs of a baseball player are, so I can’t help you select what exercies you should use for all your lifts or what type of GPP and SPP you should perform.

Any other people that can help me out?

I emailed you some info to help you out.

With the info I’ve given you, you should have enough to get you well on your way. For more specific baseball info, contact Jon Doyle.

In the meantime, start training!!!

haha thanks man!

Also, read all the John Davies articles on T-Nation. Search under author name.

Dude, honestly, I think you should have all the info you need. Follow the template Jon Doyle gave you and put in any exercises you want that fit the template from the book. Don’t make this more complicated then it has to be. If you put 100% effort into it it won’t matter if your routine is “perfect”, you’ll get incredible results.