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John Davies Articles


Hey all I was looking through the archives and was trying to find the old John Davies articles, specifically to find out what "the bear" is.

Does anyone else know where these are, or more importantly know if they still exist on the T-Nation server? Or was it decided they weren't worth the webpages they were written on?




It's one movement,

Hang clean - push press - back squat - behind the neck press, that is all one rep.


What ever happened to John Davies? Is he retired and living in a home in Florida?


Try his site: Haven't checked it out in a while but it is marked "2011"


As an aside I used to do a exercise similar to the "Bear" even before I found JD's articles on T-Nation (Deadlift, clean & press, followed by either squats or shoulder press) Doing them all without stopping or hands leaving the bar for 3 subsequent exercises at a time was killer if time was of the essence)

Try doing 135 for all the exercises. It will be challenging.

John Davies article here years ago was what got me into doing OHS (overhead squats) at the gym & falling in love with them as part of my leg workout. Still attempting to do Dan John's prescribed BW for 3 sets of 15 or so for OHS as a measure of "truly strong"


do pullups hanging from a bulldozer, call it Renegade training


Great vid, but I would have found that the bill of my backward cap would annoyingly be in the way everytime the bar would pass behind my head and back.

FTR: I wouldn't ever be caught dead wearing a cap backwards anyway.



no hats ID... you cant hide those flowing golden locks


Aw, shucks!