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John Broz


Hey guys, i must say i'm really liking training everyday. Its the first time i ever tried it and its the most fun i ever had training.

I just read this on another site from John Broz. However, i haven't read very much of his stuff.



So what are you doing? Are you following his 6 days a week powerlifting-template?


Nope, i worked up to 3 lifts everyday, the last 2 weeks. OHP, DB bench press and front squat/deadlift. I've been using a light day followed by a heavy day. All sets of 3 and some singles on heavy days. I also include upperback work most every session.

Today i'm trying the light session and heavy session on the same day.

AM: Light Work
PM: Heavy Work

Heavy session in 90min!

Where is the template? Like to take a look.


Great man whatever works for you. Where is Broz getting this info from though?


where can you find this template?


This is how Broz would set up a powerlifter (from a QA with the man himself on another forum):
Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Squat
Days 1, 3, 5 Bench (2 days wide grip, 1 day close grip)
Days 2, 4, 6 DL

Squat and bench: work up to max, followed by heavy back off doubles and triples.
DL: 10 x 2/3, submaximal weight, focus on speed.

As far as I know this is pretty much hypothetical - I dont think he has ever trained a powerlifter. However, this is how his lifters train the squat, and it seems to be working for them.

EDIT: You would of course need to throw in some rows and similar excercises (higher reps, lower weight) for shoulder health and balance.


I like waving the intensity and only maxing out when i feel strong. I got many of my ideas from CT's HPM and First Person article.

But the whole not taking a day off is similar - Broz's stuff. And its based on how the east europeans and russian lifers train.

Hopefully, someone well read in the subject responds - I believe Louie Simmons based alot of the westside system on Russian weightlifting texts. I'm not fond of westside personally, too much variation and equipment for me, a raw lifter.


I used a month of my life last summer only squatting for 31 days straight. I was in a zoombie state most of the time, and was really tired, so i basically just got up, squatted, ate, had a bath, went to sleep, or just lying on the bed, and then repeat it all over. I started to feel better by the fourth week, ie. i started to feel that I became normal again, and not so staggering tired.

I had every other day heavy and light, and varied the reps.

The entire layout of the program I followed is here:


Spredsheet made with open office. (Just download open office and install it if you cannot open it right away).

Pablo aka tlast2O12dude which is a lighter lifter did even more days than me, do not remember exactly how many days, but I think it was squatting about 6 weeks in a stretch, and he was supposed to follow the template with the percentages, but he almost every day did "bonus" sets. That would nearly have killed me.

None of us used assistance, but of course with such medicines even larger volume of training is possible, and I believe some lifters even can have a very high volume schedule when they are natural.

There is a huge difference in dedicating the entire life to lifting as opposed to having responsibilities in addition to the lifting.

There's a lot of info on the web about this, but the dangers for real injuries are always there when embarking on something like this. Many lifters do not reccommend the everyday schedule, Mike Tuscherer being one of them.


Thanks Stallion! Are you using linux by any chance, i do, its come a long ways the last few years. At least Ubuntu did.

Anyhow, I'm leaving my program very flexible. For instance, i just dropped my pressing exercises because my shoulder has a small discomfort. I done FSQ and some ab work.

Heavy session tonight with the FSQ! And some rows.


Yes, I like linux. Having a flexible program is smart. Those who are smart will be better off in the long run. :slight_smile: