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John Brookfield

I know there’s a lot of combat athletes and powerlifters/olympic lifters out there that are interested in grip strength. I just wanted to post and say I’d love to see an article by someone like John Brookfield on how to train grip strength. His monthly tips on ironmind.com are great, but aside from using grippers and fat bars, I’m really at a loss on how to make significant gains in my grip strength. Would anyone else out there like to see this article happen?

Get his book. It’s great.

I got his “Grip Master’s Manual”, it’s filled with lots of good ideas. I took a board and cut off about 8" and screwed a hook into it. Then I ran a dog chain through the handles of two detergent bottles filled with water. Hook the chain on the board and you got yourself a pinch grip trainer. Mine weighs about 28 lbs.
Also, check out here: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/shenandoah/Grunt/Grippage.html
I made the isokientic bending bar for about $7.00, and the bike grips were almost all of that!

To-Shin Do

You are way cool To-shin Do, I loved your site!
Let me ask you…
I’ve got one of those metal bicep bombers that you wear over your shoulders with a strap and place your elbows against…it keeps your elbows in a stationary position while you perform bicep curls.

What do you recommend I pad the metal with so that it’s not as hard against my elbows?