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John Bernor Deadlifts 650 x 5


This is fucking insane! I've seen this guy train in person.


The PRAISE GOD! commentary was a little much for me after each rep haha, but sick pulls.


LOL watch this one if you though that was to much http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJUNFhU_MHs&feature=related

One of the funniest thing i have seen after a lift LOLOLOLOLOLOL


I saw that video.

Him and his crew are very religious. They're good people. I've seen some compete.

Me, I've been an atheist since 7 years old. :slightly_smiling:



not quite lightweight baby, don't see it having the same legs.


Definitely doesn't look like a bodybuilder. Pretty good pulling... sumo and suited but 650x5 is solid.


Lol. I might try saying it in my gym, just to see the reaction I get...


I laughed pretty hard at that, just so outta nowhere


He yelled out a lot of stuff like that at Iron Island when I used to go there once in awhile. It was some funny shit, but I thought it was great: how much he loves lifting and his religion.


Not even that beast can make "PRAISE GOD" anything but laughable. Very impressive lifts though.